Your support is very important to us. Support our work for YOU and for HUMANITY. Every amount will help us pay our administrative & overall expenses and contribute to our development and continuation.

Any amount is valued. DONATE TODAY!Image result for heart pictures

We are two humanitarians bringing you the missing piece for your Personal Growth, Wellness, Path and Future Destiny and our work is controversial to some, that have put some limitations on it. Though we do not worship money, we respect it as a necessary energy and greatly appreciate your money donation that is a blessing from your heart to our humanitarian mission.

If you know some possible Celebrities, Donors, Sponsors, have any connection with Press or Media and would like to support us.

With enough donations, we will be able to help children in need and open more Bio-Institute around the globe in various locations. THANK YOU!


We are an independent Institute. We do not owe money to the bank, or a lender and we intend to continue this way. For years we have suffered pressure but we have made it on our own.                                     We are not looking for buyers or investors. Thank you.


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