"Due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic from now on ALL SESSIONS are in Quantum (Distant) nationally and worldwide. For a session, you can go ahead and e-mail at with your reason for the session, your age, and a photo. Pick and Pay your session and wait for our instructions. Thank you and stay safe!"

Come in and Step into the Light

Bio-Institute of Light and Sound.

Our Achievements

2021 Business Hall of Fame Metaphysical treatments & Holistic-Alternative Medicine (CAM)

2021 Best Orlando Award (8 consecutive years)

Inclusion in TOP 100 Registry for recognition for outstanding career achievement


The Bio-Institute of Light and Sound

We are a Center of Energy Medicine & Bio-Resonance for Holistic health solutions, Spiritual Growth, Self-discovery.
Our mission is to keep you healthy, align you to your Path and help you find your Purpose and Destiny. It’s all about Self-Healing, Integration and Re-connection in 3 steps with Bio-Qi Therapy Tm.
Our approach is truly unique & based on Spiritual principles, combining Color-Light Healing, Vibrational Sound Medicine, Sacred Geometrical shapes, Light language & Symbols, Bio music, Music frequency and Spiritual Coaching.
It encompasses all concept of Energy Medicine with CHADD: Vibrational Sound Expert and VIE: Chromotherapist and Light expert.

We also offer “Books’ of spiritual guidance for your personal growth and the opening of your consciousness. They are series of Galactic lessons for your spiritual awakening and the expanding of your mind. Guiding you on your path and multidimensional journey. You will then be aligned with your mission and purpose when you add it to sessions. They must be read in chronological sequence.


Muldimensional Quantum Healing Therapy

It is a highly advanced healing system that works on all levels
and dimensions as well as past, present and future. A spectrum and sound healing therapy. It is Energy Medicine & Bio-Resonance for Holistic health solutions, Spiritual Growth, and Self-
When you receive a healing in this life you will be healed in all lifetimes and in all dimensions.



Is a very precise science using colors to adjust the body vibrations to frequencies that results in health and harmony. Because each color frequencies possesses a specific vibration and each vibration is related to different physical symptoms.


Language of the Light

The language of the light is multidimensional that is understood by all on a
soul level. It adjusts to the resonance of all person’s vibrational needs at the
moment, initiating clearing, balancing, activation and alignment with a new
vibration of wellbeing. It is Dynamic Frequency Encodings of Light and




January 27,2021 "Hi, I am doing much better this week, thank you. Last week after my Light Energy Healing session with you I felt the need to rest most of the afternoon and I slept most of the night. It felt similar to a major detox but no headache."        February 2nd," I am doing much better now this week. Looking forward to my next distant healing session. Thank you so much for your caring heart."



February 10, "Now that I had my first session with you the fog in my head is lifting. Thank you. I used also to be very down and I am amazed at how quickly I used to lose my connection and be very foggy, down in self-pity. All gone now thanks to your work."



February 19,  " Since the distant healing session with you I am calmer and able to hear clearly my guides. I am trying to lean on their knowledge. I am asking them for help with a few things.2/21/21 I feel good. Feeling empowered. Feeling energized and strong-minded like I use to be over twenty years ago."

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