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“Future Medicine will be the Medicine of Frequencies” Albert Einstein

Vibrational Transformation Energy, and Frequency, Our Multidimensional Healing

The Bio-Institute of Light and Sound is a Bio-Energy Medicine  Institute. CHADD & VIE are two professionals of the Light and the Sound.

You are divine multidimensional vibrational beings made of vibration, Energy and Light. When you shift your energetic vibrational, your life has but no other choice than to shift as well. The transfer from the pain distress you have accumulated is stored within you in a deeply energetic level, forming emotional wounds. And it weighs heavy on your state of being. You also carry other negative frequency patterns such as fear, resentment, and regret. Over time they build, significantly affecting your state of well-being, and ultimately, your vibration. Your body needs frequency oscillation adjustment. This is all happening when you are transported into the crystal Light Chamber during sessions to receive healing.


My name is VIE. I am a gateway of Light that encourages you to explore your synthesis with the Creator. I am an Quantum Energy medicine Practitioner, and your Vibrational Transformation Energy Therapist. Also a Writer, and Healer. It’s been over 10 years, that I am helping clients to self-heal and recover from Life traumas of panic attack, depression, and stress. I have helped many clients to awaken and also recover mental clarity and find their purpose, to consciously evolve, grow spiritually, and stay healthy. It's all about Quantum Energy Medicine, and Light vibration Sound healing, and body balancing frequency. And have also to do with metaphysics and spiritual counseling.

During the scan down to the nucleus level, as soon as you lay down I am able to determine the frequencies as well as the amount of quantum energy for the best self-healing. The success of the session comes from working the quantum field to access unlimited potential. It reprograms your DNA and stop all ancestors programs and there is no side effects possible.

With this method, I am able to share the knowledge and information I have to assist you in your evolution. What I am offering is a gift of Love healing from God, your creator, to help you when you experience some imbalance in your body, on all levels. It is also a powerful gift of re-connective healing through my connection with God.

The language of the Light that I speak synchronizes the time cells, with the right knowledge within the turning wheel of the Law.  The Love frequency is the Holy atonement, the attunement to restore the body temples and reactivates and restructures the DNA. (That is what differentiates me from Reiki.)
The energy I send streams to the human receiver who then translates it into words. Other humans receive pure energy transmission and interpret them as sound, such as music or tones for healing the physical body. Yet others receive the transmission energy as visions, which their special encoding translates into images with meaning for them. Each of these methods is part of special encoding within human DNA.

As a writer I have also, been guided to write Books for your spiritual and self-growth. They are lessons, in expanding the mind, opening up consciousness, and it's taking the reader, on a journey to self-discovery.

How We Got Started

The Institute was founded and created by VIE to offer an opportunity to everyone interested in natural self-healing, spiritual development, self-discovery, in getting holistically healthier. Because spiritual growth, vitality, and wellness is the link to the human primary purpose.
I am about helping clients with Enlightenment, Spiritual Growth, Wisdom, recovering Mental clarity, self-empowerment, self-healing, Life transformation Natural health, and wellness.

Time is the Essence! Contact me for a quantum session.



***We are very thankful and grateful to our Father almighty Creator GOD. The trials and tribulations we have endured in our journey ends now with the reign of false prophets, idols “celebrities,” dynasties families and wealth privilege. Our work cannot be stopped, silenced nor disrupted. The actual dark forces that elected themselves in key places in the Earth sphere cannot, will not and will never be able to stop us and our mission of teaching, counseling and healing. We are the God’s Duo working for the highest Government of the Universe and we are gratefully protected daily by St. Michael the Archangel, the Violet Flame grid of Light of transformation & protection, with the legions of Michael and the legions of Melchizedek Lords of Light and Protection around us, our work and personal life. It is done & so be it***

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God’s Duo



I am a French/American author and musician.In January 1987 I experienced a dramatic shift in consciousness resulting in a complete change of lifestyle.During my first contact experience, my Spiritual Galactic mission and purpose were activated. I am an Aquarius, I speak the language of the Light that I tone, chant, sing and hand-signs.I am a visionary healer,vibrational transformation and metaphysical healer gifted of re-connective healing, re-encoding DNA and the creator of a new therapy called : Bio-Qi (chi) Therapy TM” I attended and presented the Light & Sound in numerous and various public places and conventions like at the annual optometrist’s convention, also Annual convention FSMOSA, Annual ND convention and at many Louise Hayes” I can do it” conventions then both at the Energy Psychology convention and the Body Mind Spirit Expo, in Orlando, St Pete, Tampa, Las Vegas.
I am honored that people has recognized my work, and grateful to the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) to have chosen me as the Woman for the year 2015.


n 1992 due to an overdose of prescription drugs that he was forced to ingest since 5 years old, CHADD fell into a coma. While they handicapped him through unnecessary surgery, depriving him of sleep, rights, funds and freedom He was used for they movie projects to destroy it’s image. They used him as a guinea pig, a musician, stunt, security agent, FBI and much more without any compensation. Then as if it was not enough he was taken away by the system, to a mental state hospital for “praying with a lighted candle to our Lady of Guadalupe”, the prayer of roses to Virgin Mary of Guadalupe. CHADD is Gifted of the Sound Frequencies, after a Near Death Experience, and a coma of eight weeks that left him in a wheel chair since 18 years old.

(Here is the Prayer of roses to Our Lady of Guadalupe: “Merciful Virgin Mary of Guadalupe, show clemency, love and compassion to those who love you and search for your protection. May the sweet fragrance of roses reach your divine son, our lord Jesus Christ, that he may hear our Prayers. Wipe our tears and give us comfort and assistance (concentrate on you desires). Amen.”)


t of 2013 Complementary alternative medicine(CAM)
Best of 2014 Business Hall of Fame (2 consecutive years)
2015 Continental Whos’ who Honored member
2015 NAWP VIP Woman of the year
2016 July 28, 24/PressRelease
2016 Top Female Executives, Professional and Entrepreneurs
2016 ICE Inner Circle Executive e-zine publication
2016 Continental Whos’ who Pinnacle Lifetime Professional Woman in recognition to the field of Sound and Light Therapy ( founder of the institute, creator of ‘Bio-Qi therapy tm, creator of a wellness and growth CD, Books’ author, visionary healer and Spiritual Master Teacher)