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Quantum Energy field Healing (Multidimensional & Galactic Healing Session)

VIE sessions are multidimensional level, in quantum, and by phone only (Worldwide and Nationally)

“Light & Sound Therapy, Energy Medicine, Spiritual Conseling or Guidance, DNA Recconnection, Bio-Qi Therapy, Re-Connection to Higher-self or Inner-Self, Divine Reconnection, Re-Connecting Healing, all are under  Quantum Energy Field Healing (multidimensional and Galactic Healing Session)”

Bio-Qi Therapy TM Session is an advanced Pleiadian system of energy (chi) based on the knowledge from the being of Light of the Fifth and higherdimension. Pleiadians “Angels” have in their evolution to support and assist manking in their evolotion, get prepared for the higher frequencies direced to them, respecting their free will. In providing session of the holistic healing, activating the 34 various channels (chakras), using the Light language that is spoken, hand-signs, tones or chants with biostimulation light wavelength. New information from the 5th level dimension helps people to expand their consciousness and grow spiritually above the manipulated duality world 3D and 4D, and help mankind to discover their purpose and destiny in life.

“ Healing is my profession, and as with any profession, I have a fee for my time and expertise”