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Quantum Energy field Healing (Multidimensional & Galactic Healing Session)

Every person is different, every session is different but here is an example:
“Scanning my body with her vibration and energy frequency healing in remote, VIE found out during session I had a story of a concussion, traumas, emotions, and pain stuck in my aura since a while. After months in my aura symptoms had appeared. But nothing I tried was working out, and life had become difficult. She had to address that first. Then she had to remove a dark stagnated energy in my body. As VIE dug deeper what on the surface looked like the size of a bowl of soup, she found it was holding the vibrations that were overshadowing my everyday life with difficulty. Then VIE began healing the energetic templates which held distortions brought with me from another life. Another life where I had chosen to embody various degrees of darkness when I came here. This needed to be healed, and then I needed to anchor a higher frequency. The illnesses, traumas, concussion and the removal of the dark energy in me were necessary energetic clearing, to enable my soul aspect to integrate a new level of consciousness and enter a new dimension. After this was cleared at that point I was in bliss and in awe by the overwhelming feeling of love. I became emotional, tears dropped out of my eyes and rolled on my cheeks as I experienced my new level of dimension merging with me. And the calm, the peace, and the joy that comes with it. M. S. (Tampa, Florida)"