9.1.1. Guide Introduction – Mini eBook


23 pages.

An introduction to 9.1.1. Complete Guide in Natural Healing:

The purpose of this book is to prepare you for the shift of energy and beyond the ascension. To educate, inform and introduce to you what is available today. To access perfect health with Holistic Therapies Natural Methods, techniques, products and remedies.

We are reduced to few antibiotics, and soon with the energy of the planet no medicine/drugs will be effective anymore. Many illnesses unexplained today can be related due to ingestion of drugs. The human Body is energy and frequency.

“Energy Medicine is modulating the human bio-energy fields and can be used as a boost for Spiritual development and life and as a body therapy to address a specific physical ailment. It is indeed, the medicine of the future. It is how the Christ healed.And when the time comes, soon very soon, it will be the only Medicine which remains and has endured all time.”