Multidimensional Healing (Session) (Vibrational Energy & Frequency healing)


1 Session  (90 minutes of Bio-Qi (chi) Therapy Session)
This is a rare opportunity to experience new energy in your life. It is a valuable investment in your dynamic health and long-term emotional well-being. Breaking through the veil of forgetfulness. The Bio-institute of light and sound work is profoundly transformational and helps you to break through to Body self-healing, and a new level of personal and spiritual evolution.


An Exclusive Innovative, and Complete Body/Mind/Spirit Therapy. These sessions of “Bio-Qi therapy TM” address , spiritual growth, relaxation, pain, emotional relief, detox, the re-balancing of your Body & chakras, the etheric (aura) body but it is also boosting your immune system (cells) to self-heal, raising up your energy, and it is activating your dormant strands of DNA. It addresses your spiritual development and helps you to discover your life purpose. It aligns you to your path without the need of Gurus, bells or whistles. Everything is encoded in your DNA. You need your DNA to be reactivated and most important your vibration “must” be raised to begin to self-heal. Everything you need is already in you. “A true Healer has received its power and knowledge directly from the source. It can only be a gift from the source.”

This is our unique and exclusive therapy bridging the gap of the new era, while drugs poison the body and keep you in a loop. Because you are frequency, energy, vibration, colors and holographic body of Light.