What is Divine Reconnection?

Extract From: The Book of knowledge <THE KEYS OF ENOCH J.J Hurtak>


Key3.1.7 9 The human evolution is preconditionedexperiment within a world of happenstance relativity.Without higher evolutionary programming or direct programming by Overself intelligence, the human biological system must go back into overall flux of Magnetic fields when system is discorporate.


When Man is directly programmed by Overself, he is no longer kept in biochemical slavery within a three-dimensional consciousness by the “apparent realities of the earth” The Body is a grid magnetic domains which moves between the primary blue-print of the Overself and the pattern angles of the human organs (the axial relationship).


The lines which tie together these magnetic domains are the axiatonal lines. The axiatonal lines can exist independent but still require the governing functions of the Higher Evolution. Man at this time, is being advanced to a new biological program of creation. If Man has to go into further soul progression he MUST connect his axiatonal lines to Overself which is also making ascension into the next quantum level of Adam Kadmon, just as Adam Kadmon body is making an ascension into a completely new program in our Son Universe.


Here, the Divine Father calls before Himself the unity that has been perfectly balanced between the body of the last Adam Kadmon and the spiritual-physical body of the first Adam Kadmon, before the collection of the Christ as the first and the last can offer up this eon to the father and pass into a new eon of the Living Light.


The physical creation is no longer separated from the divine Ain Soph, but is restored through the Christ Light penetrating the flesh, and the Divine Light penetrating the Overall so that both spiritual and physical bodies become one in sight of the Father. A whole specie is being created at this time by the bringing together of the Academic Overself-human creation which allow this spiritual-biological expression of the Christ Race to be advanced to next consciousness time zone of creation.


Key 3.1.7 29 The axial lines are parts of fifth-dimensional circulatory system combining Color and Sound, which are used to draw from the Overself body basic energy used for the renewing function of the human evolutionary body.


Conversely, axiatonal lines operate prior to the action potential for the animation of the human species. Furthermore, they bring together the all-important tonal vibrations governing each axis and all ultrasonic activities connected with the colors of healing that relate to each tone and multiple thereof.


The axiatonal network of the Shekina controls the geometric pressure fluctuations which underline mechanisms controlling new mutations, and aids in the proper conversion of the chemistry of the human Light spectrum into wavelength forms of the higher evolution. Through the axiatonal arrangement, both acoustical vibrations of spiritual Light and sustaining Love are conveyed to the human system ringing the joy and Glory of the Living Light. The Key then opens the door for sonic vibrations (sounds and ultra-sound in crystalline structure) generating gravitational light within the body.


Key The axiatonal lines can be used for the complete regeneration of an organ and even to resurrect dead, when activated by the proper energies. This key is to be used at the time when human evolutionary molecular grids are in direct alignment with the higher evolutionary resonance grid, permitting ultrasonic pulsations to allow for direct changes with invascular bodies.