Raising your frequency of consciousness has a healing effect on your body,

Do you have emotions you need to release? Fear-based emotions are just as magnetic as joy. The more you can be at peace, then the higher probability that you’ll shift your individual and collective consciousness to a higher timeline. Let us at the institute of Light and Sound help you release them and stay anchored in the higher frequencies of your higher self. You’ll then will have more access to higher dimensional forms of information and guidance.

Civilizations throughout the ages, from Atlantean times to the ancient Egyptians, mastered the art of harnessing sunlight’s colors for its medicinal, mystical, and spiritual power.

VIE is a gateway of Light that encourages you to explore your synthesis with the Creator. Her healing sessions create portals in time and space, in order to create energetic shifts in mind/body/spirit healing.

It combines magnetic energies with color ray vibrations focusing through universal symbols used in many different ways, around the body and energetic field, when she uses the language of the Light. They serve to balance many conditions with their geometric form and color.

The combination of the magnetic energy and the frequencies of color creates specific energy fields that align the chakras, balance chi meridians and remove possessions and serve as an excellent healing transfer agent.”

Need extra support? Raising your frequency of consciousness has a healing effect on your body,

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