A Necessary Bridge between Science and Spirituality

Introducing: Our Quantum Holographic Healing and our HEALY (MF) new device. We have a unique approach, it encompasses all concepts of Energy Medicine with Holographic Quantum Healing when you are transported to heal in the past, the present, and the future at the same time to: -Release Energetic Patterns of Physical and Emotional Pain -Dissolve Fear Frequencies -Heal Emotional Wounds -Return Body to Balance & Harmony-Self-Heal & Grow spiritually. Our Institute is a State of the Art Center of Bio-Resonance & Energetic Medicine for Holistic Health solutions, Spiritual Growth, and Self-discovery. We want to keep you balanced, healthy, pain-free, and with no anxiety. It’s about the adjustment of your body oscillation using our new frequency healing device (MF) Healy and our Vibratory Energy Transformation Healing. Of Self-healing, Integration, and Re-connection in three steps with our Multidimensional Galactic Healing Session: Our Quantum Energy and Frequency Healing. (VIE Loriot de Rouvray) Click here to book one: https://instituteoflightandsound.com/pay-for-session/