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The New Century, New Era, New Experiences, and the Intonex books will get you on a journey to the unknown that you want to take. It is a thrilling modern adventure lived with tribulations by a couple of angels that came on Earth to guide and assist you to grow and evolve. It is for you to reach the golden age and divine oneness. Going back to the Roman time to now with political division, the spread of new diseases. You will learn about the importance of Numbers, why the use of frequencies for healing, the power that is hidden in the Light language, and much more.

The whole teaching is designed with a great purpose in mind, and the stories that are narrated are set up to take you to a higher plane of consciousness. That is the intention.

The words that are chosen trigger codes that are stored deep inside your body. Your bodies are waiting for the questions to be posed so that you can begin to resonate with the answers inside of yourselves so that the cellular memories within your bodies can begin to remember what they already know. As You read, you will remember. You will reach a source of understanding and illumination filled with stunning revelations. It will open your consciousness with clear insights and you will find the answers you need to what is haunting your mind: What is the purpose of your life? Why was the Universe created? how to reach your full potential? how to find spiritual growth? when and who created the physician’s university degree?