Prophetic Revelations beyond Illusion

What would you do if you were driving when your phone rang and you were asked if you wanted to be reconnected to your angel? And later you found out that it was the Archangel Michael that wanted to reveal some important alternative and holistic information for you to write…

VIE Loriot de Rouvray journey began when she visited Central America.

VIE received a message saying that the Archangels were knocking at her door, and she was told not to ignore the message:

“You have been chosen to be the door to the divine. Your sacred color is the healing Aquarius blue flame. The angels have divine wisdom to impart with you only.”

This was the beginning of VIE’s Journey as a Vibratory Transformation Energy healer and, the author of the 9.1.1. Complete Guide To Natural Healing, with also a series of books destined to help humanity. It is the ability to enrich the world through a journey of the mystics, the universal voyage.

As VIE says each individual has to travel in their own time for it reveals the path of knowing and transcends time and space.” A new way of teaching for rapid awakening and spiritual growth.

To contact VIE for a private healing session, or to purchase her books go to the institute of light and sound website.