Archangel Michael explains the mass arrests in…

In an hour with an Angel, Archangel Michael explains what is occurring with what we have called the “mass arrests,” in “containment.” The containment began on June 25, 2012 and is now well underway. It will see the leadership of the Illuminati removed from power and constrained from acting in harmful ways against others.
The containment is happening worldwide to all governmental, financial, and military leaders who have worked against the Shift. It will not see them harmed but it will see their sphere of influence disappear.
It will clear the way for Disclosure and NESARA.
There will be some flooding, there will not be massive hurricanes, but there will be mighty storms.
The wildfires in Colorado were part of cleansing but one of the fires was started by a human being, by accident.
There will not be a pole shift of Gaia. Gaia came to realize that this did not need to occur in order for her to transcend dimensional reality and that the humans did not need to be shrugged off, but could accompany her in peace and joy and love and be part of the new creation
Because the electrical magnetic grid is being readjusted, you may have some short outages. We may have 24 hours sometimes, without full power. It is always prudent and wise to keep some supplies on hand, and water, of course. And there will not be three days of darkness.
Energies that may be disruptive or based on hatred or greed, control, cruelty, just plain nastiness, they’re placed in containers and that energy has no way, because they are sealed, and they are sealed by the mighty ones, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Jophiel and Gabriel. And in that sealing, their negative actions, emotions…cannot escape.