The Light of Transformation

What was once the greatest mystery of biology, the human body, is gradually yielding its secrets. Humanity is more than flesh; it is a continuous transducer or “biotransducer” of energies which can transform our thoughts into both positive and negative events in life.
To see our mind as a small microcosm, we need only to reach out into our local environment through the subtle currents and fields of energy, to allow one vibrational dimension to interface and communicate with the whole.
There is some evidence that the human brain functions as a hologram with regard to long-term memory, with holographic organization shifting from higher impulses to the slow potential micro-structures that develop in the post-synaptic networks. The importance of the holograph is that the “whole is in every part”, where “image constructions” of super consciousness can also become known.
What is exciting about all of this is that scientists are becoming more aware of theological implications in recognizing that evolutionary mechanisms are not simply the neuron or cellular resonance couplings of a few milliseconds expressed in amps, ergs… but issue forth not from a hierarchy but a holoarchy of fuller Life processes. This might mean that higher frequencies of Light and lower magnetic fields work together to stimulate creative awareness, as well as energize superconsciousness. Already science has seen in some basic forms of plant life how mutations attempt on their own to correct themselves.
We contend this is derived from a higher blueprint that is coded within the very cells of our being. We see this not only in the interconnection of consciousness, but in the interconnection of form..
Our conscious awareness develops from the fundamental process of our perception of light and sound. The light we observe comes mainly from the radiation of photons from things, and each photon results from an electron releasing a tiny portion of energy called a quantum.
Different molecular structures each have a characteristic oscillatory (vibrational) rate and, much like a bunch of crickets, molecules are constantly chirping their identity and location.
The Epi Kinetic Body operates in the level of kinetic vibration (primarily low frequency acoustic energy). The Electromagnetic Body is a dynamic harmonic expression of the electromagnetic spectrum of our bodies as we absorb and radiate photons. These bodies emerge as collective forms of the fundamental molecular level processes of all of our molecules chirping their identity and location. These two energy bodies of Sound and Light interact biologically with each other through piezoelectric conversions of one form to another. They also operate within a larger reality, a hyper dimensional or subtle energy body. Relatively high levels of information can be stored in water.
Our personal misalignment comes when our ego driven (small) self is disconnected from our full spiritual existence. Alignment and harmonic resonance come through meditation and prayer; the trick for us is to develop our relationship with our true creator, and not with some counterfeit spirit. We must learn to reliably distinguish between the sacred and profane.
Humanity is entering some stimulating times, going through something that is building or increasing our consciousness and spiritual energy. Some have difficulty integrating change into their lives, and they increase the dysfunctional patterns that cause them pain and suffering. This dysfunction has its roots in our disowned responsibility to our life experiences. C.G. Jung referred to this disowned material as ones shadow, and explained how our inability to confront and take responsibility for our own shadow has a way of projecting that disowned negativity into the world around us. This shadow realm is the realm of the counterfeit spirit, where the profane masquerades as the sacred.
The cultural hypnosis that grips us all is beginning to lift for more and more individuals. Truth and responsibility are the pillars supporting the doorway to a positive new millennium. The levels of human awareness and spiritual sensitivity are increasing, and this allows us to see through the lies and deception that are pandemic. Now is the time in which we must work on revealing the truth within and around us. It is time to recognize that we are all destined to return to the Light, and that we are all in the process of becoming beings of Light, being transformed in the Light, where we are destined to serve a higher sacred purpose.

Wolf, Fred Alan,
Jantsch, Erich,
Sheldrake, Rupert,
Hurtak, J.J.,

VIE “Bio-institute of Light and Sound”