Accept Your Free Will

Accept Your Free Will by Master Jesus and Mary Magdalene


With love, greetings and blessings we come forward to you with an immensely important message that we wish to enlighten your mind with in order for you to continue to follow your spiritual path of growth on the Earth with greater courage, confidence and support from the Creator. We, Master Jesus and Mary Magdalene, come forward as a united consciousness representing the immense unity that exists between the male and female energies of the Earth and the Creator, as well as the unity, brotherhood and sisterhood that exists between us all, meaning that we are all interconnected as one. It is our connection together as divine beings of light and our pathway of integration which is of most relevance in the Earth’s ascension at this time. So many changes are occurring within your being, on the Earth and within the spiritual expansion of all, it is appropriate for us to make you aware of these changes so that you acknowledge and integrate them into your understanding, releasing old energy patterns. Many things are occurring upon the Earth which are being born from old energy patterns, now is the time to re-pattern energy for a new age of awareness.

Upon the Earth you have always been granted free will by the Creator. This free will begins with your soul group and with your soul. Your soul group has the free will to guide and assist your higher or over soul, while the later has the free will to guide your soul, the essence that exists within your physical body. Therefore each aspect of your being has been granted free will, even your mind and emotional bodies. In many ways this offers you the greatest challenge because unless your entire beings and all the aspects that you manifest as are in sync and harmonised with the balanced light of the Creator you may receive wisdom and guidance that is confusion or conflicting. This is all part of the challenge of understanding and knowing yourself more fully. You may ask yourself, which part of my being do I trust to lead me appropriately in my reality? In truth there is a need for you to trust and believe in all aspects of your being but this faith of being in the flow of divine guidance appropriate for all aspects of your being takes an expansive acceptance and realisation of yourself as the Creator in manifestation. It is normal, because your being is not yet in sync or integrated in divine harmony with your physical being, mind and emotional body, that you look outside of yourself for guidance on any or all matters. It has become normal for many people to look to physical people or those that they perceive may be wiser or more evolved than themselves for guidance and reassurance. Many people also look to their guides whether they connect personally or through another person with their guide to gain the necessary wisdom needed for further growth and awakening.

Let us make it clear to you that it is perfectly appropriate for you to seek guidance from people or guides, please do not stop this practice but be aware of when you are giving your power away and when you are compromising your free will.

In the past it may have been perceived that humanity didn’t have a great volume of free will, this perception was due to the level of awakening and awareness that had been achieved. If a physical being is not yet awake then the soul must plan the experiences in advance that they wish to achieve on the Earth letting them unfold in order to grow. Guides and the person’s soul would then weald the energy and reality so that the person can experience all they need to move to the next level of growth or incarnation. In this instant the soul was being given free will and power over the physical body it was connected to, making it seem to the person on the Earth that everything was planned and that they couldn’t change or escape their experiences. Gradually as the soul merged more fully with the physical body, mind and emotional body, free will was granted to the soul at a more physical level symbolising that the physical body, mind, emotional body and soul could work together to create in the now. This brought about the understanding that you can create your own reality and that you influence your experiences by the stability and creation of your mind.Guides also become more involved in co-creating with each soul in order to manifest at a quicker rate. The soul incarnate in a physical body was able to receive wisdom and the divine plan acting upon it with power and intensity within their reality. With free will finally anchoring into the Earth reality we see that humanity is given the immense opportunity to experience what is divinely guided, realise their truth and accept their own power. As guides our wisdom and guidance begins to hold less weight and importance within your reality. An interesting scenario manifests where we are able to access the greater larger picture and divine plan of the Creator as are you simultaneously. The only difference is that we are able to view the entire plan and sometimes you are able to only view a small aspect of the divine plan of the Creator. This means that we can no longer influence or steer your reality for you but that we can only give to you what you can see and understand yourself.

This is extremely important, as guides we can only mirror and show to you what you have already grasped or are able to acknowledge. This is because we are allowing you to take your free will and power as your own responsibility; we are giving the responsibility of your growth solely to your soul. We as guides are able to channel wisdom, reassurance and healing but we are only able to share what is already within your being. For example, if you have a problem and you do not know how to solve the problem it is often that your confusion is shielding you from seeing the answer at that moment. As guides we can dissolve your confusion and allow you to see the true problem and the solution therefore assisting you along your spiritual path. If we were to step in directly or demand that you achieve or realise a certain outcome then we would be taking your power and free will away from you essentially living your life and growth for you.

Another extremely important piece of information that we wish to share with you is that due to your physical acceptance of free will and your desire to create your own reality, your pathway is not mapped out for you as it used to be. There are goal points for you to reach in your reality but the pathway and route that you choose to take is up to you and all that you create on the Earth. This signifies that at any given moment of your realityyou have multiple opportunities or pathways to walk upon. When you ask us to help you with your problem we realise that the guidance must be appropriate for you to still be open to all pathways so that you may choose without our influence the pathway appropriate for you. This means that when we share guidance within you at this stage of ascension our guidance is appropriate for you seeing a greater aspect of yourself at that moment. Once you have acknowledged yourself, whether it takes three seconds or five weeks, the guidance is no longer relevant and so must be let go of. It is no longer appropriate to follow the guidance given to you three weeks ago unless it feels appropriate and still needed within your reality, it is appropriate for you to continue to ask for guidance for problems in each given moment when you are unclear or certain because I assure you that in most cases because of your constant growth the guidance will change. I encourage you to ask for guidance more frequently, if you feel you are given guidance by a guide or your soul, ask again the next day and so forth, if you are given the same message then you know it is divinely guided and immensely important in your reality at this time but again this doesn’t mean it could change because of your realisation or acceptance. This doesn’t mean that you cannot place your trust in your guides because we are always here to support you but it means that guidance has a shorter time span than before. Decisions that you make are no longer permanent or forever. For example, a person may need your help but your guidance of your soul and guides tells you that you must place your focus somewhere else and so you do. Then an hour later your soul guidance and guides tell you that you should help that person. This may feel as if you are confused and unclear in your guidance but everything is transforming quickly now that it may have been that person had made necessary shifts in their energy to allow you to step forward to them in that hour. Do not allow yourself to become confused by the guidance being revealed to you but also realise that as you are transforming so your guidance will shift and move with you at all times.

Free will is the ability to take greater responsibility for your reality with the divine purpose of growth and unity with the Creator.

Another important realisation is that you influence and to some extend limit the guidance that is shared with you. The more you are aware, awake and in the flow of the Creator’s light the more expansive and limitless the guidance you receive will become.

With this understanding there is need to realise that, we, your guides can never impinge on your free will, we can never take your free will and power away from you even if we feel that you are walking an inappropriate pathway. Your purpose on the Earth is to experience everything that you need to fully and so we cannot take this most blissful experience away from you nor would we want to. It is important to realise that another person on the Earth cannot take your free will away from you either. Many light workers have compassionate hearts and wish to help the world by sharing their light and wisdom but when this infringes on another person’s free will and right to experience this is no longer appropriate. In an age before awakening this would have been appropriate but now it is no longer appropriate for another person to wield your reality for you or for you to wield another person’s reality. You have the divine right to inspire and clear away energies of confusion but you can no longer directly influence another person’s reality without their consent. We are entering into a stage where we can help and support each other in numerous beautiful ways but we cannot take responsibility for the creation and experiences of another person’s reality. The way in which we explained our role and purpose of guiding you is now appropriate for you to adopt when assisting, supporting, loving and existing with other people. You can only truly mirror or inspire what is already within the person and can no longer take on their challenges or problems as your own. It is about offering each and every person the space to exist in their own power and connected with their own free will as you exist in your own power connected to your free will.

There is a need for every action in this age of ascension to come from the very truth within your being, from the very essence of your soul supported by your guides so that you may experience your free will and own power in the most loving, clear and blissful way.

Do not allow others to take away your free will and power nor give it away willingly. If a person tries to alter your free will and compromise your power then they simply require your deepest of love as they are coming from old energies and perspectives of helping people. It is now time for you to hold onto your free will and power and to discard everything that is no longer needed so that you may see yourself and others as truth, allowing you and every person in this reality to exist as truth. You have the divine right to exercise your own free will.

Our purpose of bringing forward this message to you today is to encourage you to look deeper into your being beyond ego, beyond limitations, beyond power struggles within you, beyond fears and insecurities and let your heart and soul speak the words of the Creator to you of what it desires and wishes to experience on this Earth. The Earth is still a space which offers you the ability to experience fully so allow yourself to experience all that is blissful and desired by your soul. If you allow yourself the gift of experiencing your reality beyond fear and truly grasping and creating what your soul dreams of then you will be limitless and experience a limitless reality, knowing and seeing all that your soul desires and all that is before you to experience, taking joy in every moment that is given to you.

With love and the deepest of gratitude for this space,

Master Jesus and Mary Magdalene