Please realize that we are energetic beings

Diagnosed with an auto immune disease that eventually sprayed to his kidneys Asmar got a “live donor” transplant that lasted five years. From that point to present he has been on dialyses. I told him that we are energetic beings and he suddenly realized that any obstructions to this flow (blockages) will result in the manifestation of diseases in the body. His body was attacking itself unable to decipher between foreign invaders ( i.e. bacteria and viruses, pesticides, chemicals, pollution… ) from healthy cells, a total breakdown in cellular communication. His immune system was broken!  He realized that autoimmunity the “master disease” was the source of his problem and that healing had to start at the cellular level. It was now the time for detoxification, rejuvenation, regeneration, and cellular communication. Then came the introduction of the last piece of the puzzle. I recommended him a product that would stimulate and nourish his bone marrow and which would increase the number of circulating adult stem cells in his body. This would become the foundation of his regimen, and his weekly blood tests would prove the effectiveness of the product. Six weeks later his blood count is nearly normal.

But beware there are a lot of stem cell related products on the market and only one is superior to all the rest.