Healing with the frequencies of Light and Sound…

We are made of Light and pure energy and all Human are energies and vibrating at unique and beautiful frequencies. Like Divine notes in the symphony of the Universe. Acknowledge we are part of the symphony of the spheres. Humans are a species with amnesia, and often you forget who you are.

“My name is Asmar and last year I experienced a massive whole body infection. Doctors told my mother that I might not make it. I was in the hospital for a month. During that time I was able to reflect on my health and the origin of the disease. My body was attacking itself unable to decipher between bacteria and virus and healthy cells. It was a total breakdown in cellular communication. I learned from VIE that we are energetic beings! True healing can only exist if we come to this realization. Our energy must flow! I realized that healing starts at cellular level.”


The Keys to cellular health                                                                                                                                                                            Sound Healing offers profound results, which can be subtle and/or instantaneous for those ready and willing to receive healing. When blocks are removed your whole beings returns to balance and better health is restored. Sound Healing clears whatever is stopping the life force from flowing and creates optimum health throughout our bodies. A way of achieving prime health and happiness is by eliminating blocks which keep us in patterns of self sabotage and ways of holding ourselves back from living our full potential and Joy.

The Miracle of Light and Color
The history of healing with color is very extensive and most impressive. The results of Light, Sound & Color use are so convincing, that one must eventually conclude that all healing begins and ends with it.
Records taken from the Pyramids reveal the use of Colors in healing, among the Egyptians a very highly advanced system and to have given excellent results.
The Rosicrucian Society with its highly developed knowledge of esoteric teachings has used this form of healing successfully since the 15th century.
Dr. Edwin D. Babbit (later 15th century) wrote a book about it and Colonel Dinshah developed Color healing to an exceptionally high degree.
The writings of Edgar CAYCE provide additional evidence that Color has many healing qualities.
The many writings, results, and conclusions are so impressive. Indeed extensive research and experience into this highly effective system of healing over many years with actual cases of every variety has already advanced Color Therapy to a high peak of efficiency.
All during the time of its development results have constantly proven that Light & Sound Therapy is superior in every form of medication, shots, chemotherapy or surgery and with absolutely no adverse side effects. In spite of the extensive development and successful use in healing, the Orthodox Medical Authorities have consistently denied its worth and persecuted those who chose to use and spread the available knowledge about it.

The Influence of Geometry in our World
Geometry creates structure in the universe and describes the relationships within and between all that exists, above and below, within our body and as imprinted in our energy field, the aura. It is activated into motion by color energy. “instituteofbiostimulationn@yahoo.com”