Gift Giving

We have found it necessary to raise funds to give as gifts as we have witnessed many of our clients becoming handicapped as a result of disease, toxic treatments and pharmaceutical drugs.

When their health has been stabilized they lack the necessary resources to reinsert themselves back into society and live normal lives.

Due to their circumstances they have not established a credit history making it very difficult to acquire housing and adequate transportation. They are forced to depend on their families for room and board along with other basic necessities. Having no work history, savings, or collateral has severely limited their options. Despite their trials and tribulations these are two of my most promising clients. They cannot depend on their families to maintain.

Finances are needed to secure a handicap accessible apartment  in the amount of $9,000 as soon as possible. We would greatly appreciate your assistance.

You can donate through our home web page. Click on donation button. Payment via credit cards and direct deposit are also welcomes.

Please give generously and if you know of any philanthropist(s) among your friends and acquaintances feel free to share.

We thank you in advance.