Holistic Health and Wellness Center

Holistic Health & Wellness Center

Light and Sound Energy Healing is a form of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) that falls under the category of Mind-Body Therapy which is use, in the healing process of health & disease as well as your physical and spiritual works. Light & Sound Frequencies are the medicine of the future

Through the radiation of the correct colors, with the right frequency and the adequate geometric form, on the reflex zones/acupuncture points, the Bio-Energy of the cells and the meridians energy points can be corrected. Subsequently, the physical, emotional and mental blockages dissolve and a sense of well being is restored.

Our Institute approach is Entirely Natural and Safe. We have the latest and, non invasive technology to assess your Body nutrients needs with our biofeedback and we will guide you on how to use Therapeutic grade of Essential Oils.

We work the Sound and the Light and a New Vibration.                                                                        We welcome you here!  Nous vous souhaitons la Bienvenue !

 Dr. of Light, Spiritual teacher- Metaphysical intuitive Light worker gifted with the ability to speak the language of the light.

I am gifted with the ability to counsel others and to help awaken their Spiritual gifts and Divine mission. I reconnect DNA, and align clients to their Angels and Guides, raising vibrations, clearing auras, balancing chakras.

When most people think about Healing, they focus on the notion of someone suffering from an ailment or injury who gets better. But what does it mean to get better? Better than what? Better than they were at some moment in their past? Better than someone else is?  Getting better is far too limiting a definition of healing. Thinking in that way divests us of our birthright to be in direct communion with God / Love / the Universe; and therefore, to be self-healing beings.

Healing, as we often tend to think of it, may well be about the alleviation of symptoms, diseases, infirmities, and other noticeable hindrances to full functioning. But Healing is also the restoration of the person to spiritual wholeness. In essence, Healing is the release or removal of a block or interference that has kept us separate from the perfection of the universe. Yet, Healing is about our evolution, and also includes the evolutionary restructuring of our DNA and our Reconnection to the Universe on a new Level.

The genetic composition of the body is changing. It is preparing us for the uplift in consciousness. Dark forces try to weaken people’s mind bodies, tiring them out turning people away from the pure sharpness of their mind. Right now opposite forces are out to stop all Spiritual aware people. Important! Please note that: No behavior or misbehavior is a disease or can be a disease…so cannot be treated by drugs!
“And there will be many who will not withstand the change of energy pattern from the past. It is just that the physical body will not be able to support the change of energy without preparation.
Only those who have worked on this process. The changing of the cells will be to much for the unprepared. Those ready will have cells that are crystalline


You are not here by accident and we are very happy that you have found us

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly;
what is essential is invisible to the eye.
Antoine de Saint Exupéry,  The Little Prince.

We are 2 Gifted and Experts Therapists in Light and Sound.                                                   We are a Holistic center for transformation and well being. We work for, and with, the highest government of the Universe. We are not a cult or a religion. You are in safe hands. We have the knowledge. Nothing from this dimension but directly from the source.


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*****Disclaimer: Light & Sound, Energy healing, does not intend to replace the advice or care of a medical professional. Anyone suffering from any disease, illness or injury should consult a physician. No medical claims are maid or implied, or diagnosed.