How long will it take for the organs to heal and in what time frame would we expect to see visible change?”

Genetics play a role because you inherit not only emotional aspects from your ancestors but you also inherit some of their patterns. It is that aspect that’s contained in what science calls your “junk” DNA and they don’t understand that yet, but there’s more to genetics than the physical properties, so to speak – the color of the hair, the eyes, the stature, the emotional makeup, longevity. That’s understood by science.
What is not understood by science are the things that a child inherits that have to do with the emotional aspects of past life history. So that plays a role in ageing. Those negative thoughts that you currently use, which of course, can be influenced genetically and the negative attitudes, belief systems, the mores from the years that your ancestors lived. You carry that also. Those aspects don’t always show up in the younger years. They show up later.
These are all affecting organs that must be healed first, digestion, elimination, assimilation, and you must be very diligent in completing these things. Depending on how intensive a program is that one follows if these systems are worked upon, and this is without a healer because intervention by a healer would quicken the process of course, it might take several years for a person to heal the organs. With the intervention of a healer, it could take a month or two. Healers will show that kind of results in a body because they are bringing down energies that the individual who is not working with a healer has a very difficult time to accomplish for themselves. So when two people work together in the healing process, the organs can be healed faster. Now if you have worked closely with a healer and the organs are healed at optimum, 2-3 months – that is optimum.

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