When God put Adam and Eve out of the Garden He gave them 3 things.

1. Frankincense

2. Myrrh

3. Balsam (also known as Gold)

Frankincense Boswellia carteri (For Immune System) and our new Sacred Frankincense Boswellia sacra (For spirituality).” In Ancient days, only the royalty had the ability to have this product. You Now Have It! Burning the Frankincense sacra resin was a tradition of people for 10,000 years. Ancient people were closer to God and lived their religion 24/7. And Frankincense was part of their everyday lives. The smoke coming from the burning of the resin assesses the emotions working on depression and anxiety. The people of old used it to purify their clothing and bedding getting rid of (killing) sand fleas, lice, ticks, mold and bacteria. Frankincense is replacing steroids that are being use in our bodies. Steroids are caustic to live and the body itself, damaging the thyroid and parathyroid, damaging to the immune system. Frankincense has no side effects.

Emotions play a part in the degeneration of our bodies, our emotions. Emotions cause inflammation. Frankincense plays an important part in repairing our bodies and emotion state: Use Frankincense oil for all kinds of arthritis, chest infection, crone’s disease, colitis, asthma

In 3 years, Frankincense could be used as chemotherapy….frankincense oil as a whole (he thinks strongly) can be used for cancer therapy and used for chemo prevention.