The Power behind… Paris attack

The power behind Paris

Many former chaos energies are being restored to the service of the Prime Creator benevolent Light. It’s sad yet not surprising that this horrific act occurred. The chaos energies that remains are desperate. They need food! The only way to get food is to activate the implants within the minds of biggest victims.

The victims are those whose minds have been overtaken completely by the chaos synergies. The ones who physically commit these acts of terror are “worker bees” whose minds and actions are completely controlled by the Dark Masters.

These dark masters are not even from this planet. They originated from Universes that have been seeking to control this planet and have indeed been seemingly succesful for eons now. They have self elected in Key places Governing this Earth for their own purpose and reduced us into slavery.

They have infiltrated attracted by the energy waves of hatred already in place in certain regions of the world.

The captivated indoctrinated “workers terrorists” are the victims as well. Their minds have been so completely overtaken that they cannot even find or feel their souls.

Certain trigger words and energy streams are being used by the dark masters to spur the workers to complete their task of creating fear, especially in the hearts of the innocents. It is a more subversive kind of warfare because the enemy cannot be seen.

Terrorism was designated by the dark masters to install fear in the hearts of those who hear about the violence to create a feeling of “ I am not safe, nowhere is safe, I had better be very quiet so as not attract any attention”

It has not been effective to just take an army and go wipe out terrorism, because the perpetors cannot be found.

These controlled workers slither and hide until activated to come out again. They simply react to the commands and energy streams of the dark masters. The greatest energy stream are looking for when choosing a worker, is the energy of blame. The blame energy is usually passed down from generation to generation. Lifetime to lifetime. It becomes an “implant’ an embedded pocket of energy with a conscious of its own. This implant never discovered or healed, than attracts manipulators such as dark masters.

Portal of transmutation or “exit”

The portal is for malevolent energies to pass through …to exit.

These chaos, or dark energies pass through our atmospheres and become trapped here through intention.

It was the power of intention that brought chaos energies here. Intention by a being or beings of intelligence. It is intention that will send than back through the atmosphere to be transmuted to the Light.

They will be contained on a voluntary basis in a “ containment of Light” continually loving bombarded with love and goodness by Angelic beings. Many other High Galactic beings of Light are in this, because many of the chaos energies were sent by Galactic beings.

The containment of Light is not a prison. It is a place where these energies go to be nurtured by the Light. The containment is a protection for them from the lowest energies that are losing the WAR.

This is happening at that time because of the raise in planetary consciousness.

Many of the darker energies have felt “stirrings of Light” within tiny sparks of goodness penetrating the heaviness.

We are the year of Jubilee but it only started in September and not many people knows it.

Jubilee means a year of restoration, forgiveness and abundance. “Planet Abundancia” music has already been created and will be out soon”

Beings part of the mission of Light is a way to hold open a portal for these beings to be restored. Those who have fallen from grace. Now is the time for forgiveness, restoration, healing and coming home to the Light.

Pray for those in griefs, pray for the Souls who died to go to the Light. Many have already gone, but some times those who die in chaos remain confused.

There is a great magnetism vortexing from the opened exit portal. In your prayers call on the already “in place “ magnetism to draw any lost Souls to the Light.

You need to awaken to who you are. Be very vigilant of your own energy. Trust your gut instincts.

The terrorists could not operate as they would do if we all knew how to trust our instincts gut. They could not move so easily among us if we picked up on the nasty energy streams surrounding them. You know that feeling you get when something is not right.

We need to stand in Spiritual authority and send Prime Creators Benevolent Light.

The dark masters are creating and manipulating energy streams of fear and chaos to fight the Spiritual WAR.

Call for the Prime Creators pillar of Benevolent Light to stream into your crown, then call for it to stream out from your heart to any area you feel guided to stream it.

Wake up Humans!