The Power of the language of the Light & the Sound presented at this time upon your journey

Communication! It is the Language of the Universe. A language that is not confined and restricted in limitations of words. It is color, sound, tones, vibration, frequency, movement, music, light, and feelings. It is the radiance personified in the Glory of Who We Are. This Language is all encumbering, all directional, all dimensional, multi leveled and multi-layered. It is instantaneous and totally comprehendible all in an instant. It has no boundaries or limitations. It is the Language of the Angels and Higher Realms of the Universes and Galaxies. It cannot be distorted or misrepresented. It is Honorable and stands on Its own Integrity. It is the Voice of Home. The Voice of the All That Is! The space between all matter is the expression of the Language, indicating that it is formless. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean that it is not there. Indeed it is and far more expansive and Love Filled that you could ever imagine. The Language of Light is Nothingness, It is Emptiness, the center of All in All.
VIE is the light with the language of the Light, that she talks, sings, tones and hand-signs CHADD is the sound. All things in nature vibrate to sound, light and color. Sound frequencies effect everything about us. The correct vibrational frequencies can be used to heal and balance our bodies. Sound healing is the practice of using sound to realize and correct imbalances in the body.
It has never not been there, just that up until now perhaps you have not been fully consciously aware of it! But the Truth is you use It every moment of each day and night! It is Dear Soul your Divine Connections to God and All of His/Her/Your Creations.
The Language Of Light is a gateway, an opening to other dimensions. It is the bridge to which each of you are seeking each of your enlightenment. It will provide direct communication and travel processes back and forth into other dimensions. Particularly those of Lemuria and Atlantis which is very much a part of each of your present consciousness levels of communication, but it is not limited to there or anywhere.. The work in these areas are not yet complete, why else would each of you be asked to re visit and transmute the energies that created so much confusion and mistrust. The energies of your Origins are being presented to you now/again particularly of the areas of Atlantis and Lemuria and many others, like Mesopotamia, that are required to complete their transformational processes before the overall consciousness of the planet can move into the higher realms of the next dimensional shift. When each of you become aware of the Language of Light and how it is used to communicate, then it provides an important key in the transformational process of ascension.
The Language is processed through feelings that in turn allow the conscious mind to Unite with Pure Consciousness or God beyond each of your perceived separation. It is found within the Quietude and Silence of your Soul, not in the active mindedness of your daily routines. By processing this Language, and you all know how to do this, each of you will discover many aspects of your Self and your Soul’s Journey, that you are presently unaware of. Each of you can remember by simply using each of your feelings and quieting your active minds. Symbols are another form of this Sacred Voice. Each of you remember symbols because they are written into each of your DNA coding. They are very powerful and can assist in the transmutation of energies through their invocation. Symbols can transport one between other dimensions and realities. Combinations of symbols can be extremely omnipotent. They can of course be both constructive and destructive depending of the activational intent of the user. Energy is neither positive or negative, Pure Consciousness is neither positive or negative so has no vested interest in the outcome. It is only the user who does this. As each of you are programmed with symbols within each of your DNA, once each of you see them again with each of your minds eye, each of you instantly recognize their importance for each of you.
Each of you may understand their power or meaning, yet, be aware and recognise that their truth shall be felt intuitively through each of your feelings. Generally the symbols that mean most to each of you, each of you will keep on seeing, such as 11:11 for example, or each of you will use constantly on each of your journey. Don’t take symbols lightly for they have the potential to change realities. The Creation of this world and all worlds come from sacred geometrical designs. In humanities case it is the Flower of Life Blueprint! Each of your process of thinking will recall the process of activation. Remember this! Each of your Higher Consciousness can only bring in the more powerful symbols as each of you recognise each of your worth and give permission for It to do so. An example of travelling inter- dimensionally through the use of symbols is the TV Series Stargate SG1. Not so much for the technology, although the technology is also a reality in other Universes, it is more the use of sequential programming that breaks down barriers and removes the separations of time and space from One’s Reality. The principals are the same that of God’s Universal Law’s, the use and formats are different. Hieroglyphs in ancient times is a form of this Language of Light. Limited only by the interpretation thereof. I shall repeat this. Symbols are only as powerful and responsive as to the power, responsiveness, centerdness and stability of the user. Clear and focused thought forms will create precision and accuracy of the intention. Symbols Of Light are Sacred items and must at all times, to attain their potentials , be honorable and respectful. The same can be said about the Language.
This information will not become clear and potent until the vessels of the human activator is empty and filled with the Sacredness of that place we call Divine Love, Wisdom, Power and Peace. The Language is now available to assist each of you in the transmutation of old thinking into new, by way of pockets of consciousness that stand by awaiting each of your desire to tap into these higher levels of awareness. It is there to be used to find the Centre of Emptiness. A point of awareness! Each of you are now moving into Energy fields that are more creative and responsive than ever before known on this planet. The responsibility has been entrusted to each of you by each of you and only each of you can decide when each of you are ready to step into this Grandness.
Once you do, you will see sites never before seen here, have feelings never before experienced in the realms of human consciousness and attain what once was considered the impossible dream, that of ascension while holding onto the human body. The Human Angel is now beginning its final stages of manifestation on the planet now. Individuals have done this before but only very few indeed. Now the potential is for all human beings to attain this for themselves, a whole planetary system at once. Feel the Glory of such a feat. Feel the power and fullness of what this represents.
Congratulations, this is what it is like to feel Empty.
Our mission, as the God Duo with the institute of Biostimulation, is to present an opportunity for expansion of awareness in the healing arts of Light and Sound frequencies.
Our purpose is to defragment old programming and replace it with the Light and Sound of the new Divine Plan to prepare for ascension. It will guide you to your life purpose and your destiny in only 3 to 5 sessions. By removing the old programming, space will then be created to incorporate new harmonies into the body of the human and through this, healing on all planes will occur. Bio-Qi Therapy TM, session is very relaxing through a loving vibratory energy.
If you are interested in Bio-Qi Sessions (either one on one in Orlando,Florida or in Quantum) or to no more about it contact the institute of light and sound: