Owning your Divine blue print

Your pineal gland may have been hijacked by malevolent forces who Don’t want you to realize your Divinity! Very likely this is handed down from your lineage and you came forth at this time…to heal it for all!. Anything program blocking you from realizing and claiming your Divinity is a malicious program! If you were free to fully grasp your Divinity you would never suffer from low self esteem, feelings of unworthiness. You would realize your self-value and truly be able to love yourself. Being able to say ”I Love myself!and then my friend…” You would be unstoppable and on top of the world! Your hearts desires would come to the forefront and you would begin to follow your Divine Blueprint in Miraculous ways! Unconsciously, you are “owning” poverty according to an implanted ‘false programming’. When you own it, then you can change it! Sometimes, if you are steeped in malicious programming of any kind, you may need help to own it, remove it and most importantly re-program it from a true space. The primary goal of “Pineal Gland tampering” is to prevent you from realizing our Divinity and therefore always and ever be in the slavery and poverty peasant, subservient mentality.

Who are we “looking up to” in our false state of subservience? Largely some Church organizations. Do you know that one of the largest sculptures of the Pineal Gland is located in the Vatican? Understand I am not saying that churches have anything to do with viral Pineal Gland programming. They have been manipulated as well. We have simply been programmed to look up to religion/churches for our spiritual guidance instead of looking withinand it was the Church who convinced us that sexuality is a ‘dirty thing’ thereby robbing us of ecstasy that is a doorway to Divinity.

Who has robbed us of our birthright? Who could benefit from us always looking outside ourselves for guidance? Who could benefit from us feeling insecure enough to dare not even dream that we are Divine? The Cabal is behind this…This is not something that just happened… It is for you to clean up! The darker forces that want to keep humanity complacent and in the “herd” mentality. This keeps you filled with fear and chaos energy…delicious food source for the Cabal! The Cabal includes those of ‘other species’ who desire to claim this planet as their own. To keep you ignorant of your Divinity and the power that comes with it. Why the Pineal Gland? Because the Pineal Gland has long been recognized as a “portal to other realms” a seat of immense power. Why do you think there are symbols of the Pineal gland in almost every advanced culture? Shut down the Pineal and shut down the evolving of humanity. (animals are affected by this to) Why was this Viral Malicious programming of the Pineal allowed? This is a free will planet and Supreme Creator does not interfere. Species have been warring over this planet for eons. The DARK does not respect our free-will. Why don’t our guardian angels protect us? Why do they allow this to happen? Guardian angels can only interfere if our life is in danger before our time. They are of the LIGHT and respect our free-will. If we ask, then they will protect us. Is everyone affected by this viral pineal gland programming? Not everyone, yet many are! Some incarnated to consciously address this problem What are the signs that I may have Viral Pineal Gland programming? The main sign is that you cannot ever seem to get into a space of feeling truly worthy.You do every technique under the sun and you still regress backwards. You may say that you know you are Divine, yet always with a little tinge of doubt. When you feel those Divine Arms around you…you feel your corresponding Divinity stirring within– you are beginning to awaken! The true purpose of calcification. The more calcified your Pineal is, the more entrenched the malicious program becomes.