From the Old testament to the New testament

The old testament is a book of rules and regulations, and was necessary for the time when an unevolved society needed rules. Two thousand years ago an enlightened teacher proclaimed that he came to bring a new testament. This new testament was meant to supersede the old, guiding mankind into a consciousness based in love and oneness. However, to this day, many still hold fast to the rules of the old testament while calling themselves “Christians”.

You are moving into that new testament state of consciousness, one in which self as well as all living things are honored and respected as being in and of the Divine. The time has come and you are ready to move beyond guilt, low self esteem, and all the facets of a third dimensional consciousness.

Resistance can make something relatively unimportant into a powerful enemy needing to be overcome or eliminated. Unwelcome qualities and habits usually flow from cellular memory, from lifetimes when these qualities were necessary for survival. Do not struggle, but allow these things to clear through your inner work and intention to spiritually evolve.

As you move more deeply into living from a consciousness of truth, you will begin to trust the process. Never forget, in the face of any discord within or without, that you have Guides, a pre-birth plan, and that you are here to remember and experience your true self while on earth. Resistance lessens as an individual spiritually evolves, for there is the realization that there is nothing to resist, fight, or try to get rid of for all are images in thought.

As with all activities of daily living, there will be times when you will be guided to take human footsteps which may appear as resistance to others. If you are guided in this way, trust your intuition. Never remain in a violent or abusive situation in the false belief that leaving would be resistance, that the situation is some deserved punishment, or you must stay in order to learn something. Removing oneself from such situations is not resistance, but is the honoring and loving of self/Self.

A fine line separates resistance from taking some necessary action. Which it is, depends upon the individual’s state of consciousness. Is it a consciousness that sees through appearances to the reality followed by some intuitively guided action, or is it simply an attempt to get rid of something seen as power? You are entitled by free will to your choices, but let them be guided from within.

Try not to feel any guilt over fears you may still hold for it is very easy to buy into the world’s universal fears while on earth. Things to fear are being presented to you 24/7 from governments, churches, experts, and everyone with an opinion. Those of you who are sensitive to these parasites energy often experience impersonal world fear and believe it to be your own. Be alert to this, keeping your energy field filled with Light.