Love conquers all

Since thirteen years the system have done everything they could to separate us and stop our work. They have poisoned, beaten, drugged, backer acted him. Court ordered him in drugs, jails and State’s correction, mental hospitals and asylums. Kept him under probation, stolen his money, kept him through psychotropic drugs under court orders by shots many times. Violating its temple, rights and freedom in a delusional world to manipulate his brain and acts. Destroying its image, depriving him of sleep, its rights, money, driver license, ID and nearly killed him by depriving him of water and food since he was 5 years old. They have poisoned my foods, attacked my life force several time, drugged my drink and sent a Chinese looking couple thuggee to steal my VAJRA then sent me to jail. Destroying also my image. They intruded and savaged our offices. Sent some of their workers to try to steal my work, made the website and my services invisible, and did everything they could to bankrupt me by depriving me of any return.

But, Love conquers all. Love, Love, Love and more Love. He is patient and compassionate. I am unconditional Love, but Time is Ticking! Divine order. There is not much time left. So, I use my powerful intention and release the entire system in control to the Light where they can be taken care of and finish they Karma inside of a bubble of Pure white intensive Light. I bless the Divine order.

“I call the transformation of the Violet Flame to be activated and to clean the entire planet now! So it is, so be it and it is done! Amen. We Love you very much. (CHADD & VIE)