You must add the language of the Light to Discover your Purpose and Destiny

If you sense darkness, add light.

If you sense pain, add the light of healing energy.

If you sense hatred, add the light of love.

The only reality, the only real power, is Light itself. Light is the real thing. Darkness can only exist in hiding from the light. When Light shines in, it dissipates the darkness, making it obvious where the real power lies. Evil has no power in itself. It is only a lack of Light. The real power is, and always has been, with the light and not with the shadow.

The Nature of Spiritual Light is the omnipresent consciousness of the Creator. When intertwined with the unconditional love of the Creator and set into motion, it manifests as the universe.

Fear (that is a spirit), hatred, judgment, conflict and despair can block spiritual Light. That which engenders any of these is, therefore, promoting darkness. Darkness in consciousness affects mind, body and spirit.

When spiritual light is channeled through the human mind, it adds to the light of the world. Darkness can be healed through the addition of spiritual light.

While spiritual light is universally available in all frequencies, it has to flow through human consciousness in order to affect the human realm of consciousness.

The effectiveness of sending healing spiritual light into an area that needs it is subject to the following two laws of spirituality.

1. The transformative ability of spiritual light is proportional to the frequency of the consciousness used to project it.

Explanation: Conditioning the intent with any agenda lowers the frequency. Projecting pure spiritual Light for the unconditioned purpose of healing raises the frequency and the potential.

2. The amount of spiritual light projected is proportional to the degree of openness of the chakra through which it flows.

Explanation: Your thoughts flow from you to the outside world through the appropriate chakra. Spiritual practices develop the chakras, increasing your capability as a channel for spiritual light.

The language of the Light


Communication! It is the Language of the Universe. A language that is not confined and restricted in limitations of words. It is color, sound, tones, vibration, frequency, movement, music, light, and feelings. It is the radiance personified in the Glory of Who We Are. This Language is all encumbering, all directional, all dimensional, multi leveled and multi-layered. It is instantaneous and totally comprehensible all in an instant. It has no boundaries or limitations. It is the Language of the Angels and Higher Realms of the Universes and Galaxies. It cannot be distorted or misrepresented. It is Honorable and stands on Its own Integrity. It is the Voice of Home. The Voice of the All That Is! The space between all matter is the expression of the Language, indicating that it is formless. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean that it is not there. Indeed it is and far more expansive and Love Filled that you could ever imagine. The Language of Light is Nothingness, It is Emptiness, the center of All in All.