The Biology of the Chakras and the Vagus Nerve

The Biology of the Chakras and the Vagus Nerve

The Vagus nerve is the main component of our body’s parasympathetic nervous system and is connected to all 7 chakra points directly or via the brain itself. Stimulating the Vagus nerve has a host of amazing benefits and it can actually cure diseases.

The vital energy (Chi) or (Qi) also called Prana energy connects all the bodily organs, and even the skeletal muscles. It can be stimulated in various ways, with low electricity, Light & Sound, by exercising and the meditation of 15 minutes twice daily. Plus meditation helps us to relax and recover the stress after exercise.

Meditation is a powerful, easy, non-invasive way that you can stimulate the vagus nerve. This one, for example, is a powerful one (

By stimulating the vagus nerve it can reduce inflammation, trigger the body’s natural healing system, and even cure diseases. Releasing a bunch of different enzymes directly related to improving your immune system response.

The Vagus nerve connects the lung, heart, spleen, liver, kidney, small intestine, and the colon.

The Vagus nerve is the physical proof that chakras actually exist. It connects to all of the “ chakra points” in the body and carries energy.

It is not only electricity that runs through our nerves, it’s a set of instructions for our body to follow and it tells our body what to do, how hard to work and what enzymes to make. It carries the instructions that help us continue to breathe, it helps us stay alive.

The reason there are so many various benefits of the vagus nerve stimulation is that the Vagus nerve connects practically everything and it connects to all chakra points and more.

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