Your Awakening and the Change of your Energy.

Everything is energy, you are energy, and the change of your energy helps heal in many ways from issues and challenges. It helps shift vibrational frequency to its highest and finest rate, and you want to make this shift because that is a process of “ascension”. Everyone is on a pathway of discovering that we are one with God. When you truly understand live this knowledge, you are in the state of ascension. The sort of knowledge that profoundly affects every interaction with others. Think for a moment how your life would be if you are consciously aware that everyone with whom you talked was a Divine aspect of your God-self. You would feel complete and total love for this individuals and for yourself. You would experience life as a heaven-on-earth experience.

The second reason you want to increase your frequency is that you will better be suited to the changing material world. The actual shift is going to bring changes in the educational, government, legal, telecommunications system. The eating habits will continue to change, and the life expectancy will significantly increase.

The higher your frequency is, the easier it will adapt to these shifts, your immune system will be stronger, you will be healthier, and you will be intuitively aware of pending Earth changes.

So we at the “Bio-institute of Light and Sound” want to help you adapt to a changing world by shifting your frequency to the optimum level.

There is a battle on another level of reality that you do not see, and some entities would like to keep you in a low frequency enslave, sick, in fear and poverty mind consciousness.

There is no accident, and you have been guided to read this for a reason. Now is the Time! Now is your time to get stronger, healthier, be aligned with your blueprint and to be reconnected to your higher-self.

We are here to help and serve you.

God Bless you.