The tsunamy of love and choosing to take time within your Holy Inner Sanctuary.

There is so much that has been hidden to you. It seems that the world is awash with disasters and catastrophes. The mainstream corporate owned and controlled media focused their undivided attention on the bad news such wars, suffering, environmental damage, and some corporate malfeasance because that is the task their masters (dark entities) have set them with the intent of raising the level of fear among ordinary citizens and they are doing a good job. But their real intent is to distract you from the good news. The real news that those vast corrupt organizations are collapsing under the weight of enormous unsupportable debt they have taken on, in order to establish an international camera light to control all the world. (One world order- One global world). Resultant in fighting now going on between their members as they fight for survival. This kind of authoritarian despotism has been attempted many times over eons. The suppression of others by force of arms is by its very nature self-defeating because it requires secrecy and betrayal in its operations, and those betrayed always fight back leading to the collapse of the Earth while in dictatorships. Every sentient beings is one with God. Anything else is illusory and can only fail. It may appear to work and be effective for a time then it will inevitably collapse and fail. Those that are trying so desperately to reduce the population to a state of permanent fear are themselves terrified as they observe their power slipping away from their grasp. In their terror, they have instigating activities of a most nefarious nature to try and convince the population of the world to seek help from them as they try, yet again, to present themselves as the only one who can protect you from the ongoing wars of terror that they have instigated, from their inevitable consequences.

However, the vast majority of the people no longer believe or support them, having made the collective decision to awaken. Consequently, their power structures will not survive and all nefarious and criminal activities will be fully exposed.

Great changes are happening right now within the illusory world and within the corrupt administrations that have for so long ruled political national, international, financial, business, religious and industrial, and these changes are bringing about their collapse. The initial changes have been the disclosure of many corrupt and damaging activities in which they have been engaged. Activities that they have kept secret and hidden with those disclosures trust and honesty previously assumed has been destroyed. Trust is the foundation of all good relationships from personal to international and once it has been destroyed it can only be restored with great difficulty.

The tsunami of love is leading you all towards your inevitable awakening and your daily setting of love intentions takes full advantage of its most wondrous energy to share and extend love to every¬†place where darkness prevails. Do not miss your daily meditations and moments of peaceful relaxation or reflection because you chose to be on earth at that time to assist humanity’s awakening. The love you share collectively everything you do collectively because all are one is the collective will to awaken, and so it has to be share to be effective. You share it by choosing to take time within your Holy Inner Sanctuary and allowing God’s love to flow through your most abundantly.