The Essene and the Vibrationists Representing the School of Therapeutics

During the ancient times, it was classified under “alchemy”. These alchemists were known as the “Vibrationists” representing a school of Therapeutics.

The “ Golden Key” to therapeutic treatment of an efficient, harmonious, natural nature is to change the rate of vibratory energy functioning through the physical body so that it becomes what was first decreed by God when he said the “breath of life” within his physical body. This means to instill into the human body an additional amount of this vibratory Divine cosmic (everything that does not takes God in consideration, or does not include God can only imitate and will be limited in time, if it alleviates symptoms for a while) so that the cells become functioning units in a normal harmonious in the direction of creation rather than the creation of destruction.

To be complete this therapy must incorporate “Biostimulation” through Light waves irradiation on meridian points and our precision tool operates on 2.4 VLight for a gentle approach to address subtle energy patterns. We are equipped with superior mineral-based crystalline quality color filters, and the sound of the language of the light, or Light language, spoken by VIE is of the creator. When spoken verbally, it creates, it brings an answer, or a message, or healing as a response to a request. It is also the cosmic universal language for the spiritual minded.

It has been shown by a scientist that by using this technology, one of the most terrible illnesses of our time has disappeared in less than 3 minutes on the screen.”

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