Did you know it exists two Counts of Holistic and Natural Healers?

As a holistic therapist and Natural healer myself, we have been noticing that they are two counts of Holistic and Natural Healers right now. We observe that some are very pro and some haven’t. Which creates a lot of confusion and the cause of division. And it is going to leave certain therapists behind because they are fear-based. They will be left in the dust and can’t really call themselves natural therapists if they are for some really toxic things, and promoting putting such a thing in the body. It’s separating the real one from the people giving voice to it thinking that it’s an easy way to make money with.

Some think it’s really cool and trendy to make money from it and it’s an easy way for whatever reason, but they don’t really trust the therapy all the way. and it’s going to separate them from the real and honest ones. Because we are all about being honest and aligned with, and everybody rethinks who they are and really believe actually. A lot of people are observing that right now. So choose carefully your therapist.