In the New Year, be a part of ascension America: a manifesto

In the New Year, be a part of ascension AmericaDecember 21st, 2012 is two days away – the Mayan Apocalypse.  Although the world isn’t ending, it is changing.  Your life needs a positive apocalypse, a recalibration of your insides.


Is your mind not right?  Do you move through life sluggishly?  Has indifference and hopelessness taken over your heart?  Why do you feel so bad?  The modern world has programmed you for failure.  That’s why!  The daily grind suppresses our bodies and minds.  Although our DNA wants us to fly, modernity keeps us down.  What we need is a different kind of stimulation.  Have you considered sound and light stimulation?


Look around you and try not to cry.  The sky’s a stranger shade of blue every day.  Things cannot go on like this.  You must shake and wake yourself, take that first significant step to a newer and better life.  The world is a womb gone wrong, ostentatious and life destroying.  The American night has emptied out your heart like a bank account.  It’s time to turn to the light and embrace sound and light therapy.


At the Bio-Institute of Light and Sound, we use sound and light therapy to help readjust your body and mind as well as to activate your DNA to higher levels.  Embraced in Atlantis and by the Egyptians, this kind of therapy can heal the body and help jumpstart the ascension process.  There is more to man than meets the eye.  We are capable of great, great things.  Let us help you.


Our names are CHADD and VIE and we’ve been blessed in our lives, given a great gift from the Creator.  With ears tuned into the body’s sound frequencies and eyes opened to DNA’s vast spectrum of colors, we are ready to fight the chaos in your life!  At the atomic level, chaos enslaves us all.  It is imperative that we break these atomic chains and run toward the light.


Do you feel depressed all the time?  Do you have symptoms of discomfort or disease?  Look no further than the Bio Institute of Light and Sound!  The Creator wants us to ascend. It’s time you take that first step.  In the New Year – 2013 – be a part of ascension America.



*image courtesy of George Hodan