Our new book – destiny of the doG

We are excited to announce our new book: destiny of the doG and our new imprinted MP3 of the language of the light!


destiny of the doG is about the mystical journey of a tainted Angel.  It is a conspiracy theory thriller.  The book will bring powerful messages to the world – warnings and future predictions that you may not want to hear, but have to hear.


The book is about hope, courage and freedom and breaks down prophecies fulfilled.  The key purpose is to bring forth metaphysical secrets, the knowledge of Jeshua/Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and to explore the great connection between the Knight Templar and Jesus’ mission.


Moreover, the story details the battle between good and evil.  The modern world is a literal and figurative warzone.  Frequency is getting quicker in energy and manifestation.  Dark forces try to weaken people’s minds and bodies, tiring them out.


destiny of the doG is primarily a complot plot. There are forces that are manipulating Earth’s climate.  Man pollutes the skies, turning them into atrocious canvases. The intentional and deliberate contamination of our planetary resources is a major step backwards in our evolution.  What forces are behind it and how can we remedy this?


The book explores the matrix and the ascension process.  The key building built by the Templars created an Ascension path.  Much more knowledge about this will come to fruition soon. That was a key purpose of the Templars and deals with sacred geometry.  At this time, man is connecting Sacred Geometry and modern physics.  Every day, our understanding of how Sacred Geometry can bring forth the expression of physical matter is growing.


Destiny of the doG will change the way you look at the world and jumpstart your transformation into a better and healthier person.  The book will soon be available on our website.


Through Vie’s gift, she can raise your vibration and reconnect your DNA through different ways of using her light energy.  Using the sound frequency of her voice and the “language of the light”, she will send you energy from her heart center and align you to your path in awakening memory by unlocking its program.


The Bio-institute is now offering her creation in MP3: color vibrational and balancing frequency music, imprinted with the language of the light.  Titled Frequency of Sound.  It has four parts:



Communication power


Balancing the neurons


More details are on the website.


Get your CD today!  The Bio-Institute depends on donation, so please be generous.  If everyone would make a $1 donation, it would help us immensely.  You can contact us here.


VIE is the first Aquarius to come with the knowledge that will better Humanity and take a little more than 2000 years to integrate.