Energetic and Psychic Space Cleansing

Energetic and Psychic Space Cleansing

Energy is the essence of our existence and the source of everything that has been created. Are we really aware about how deeply our lives are affected by the energetic status of the places that we are living at most of our daily lives?

The energy level of our homes, offices and places we often use is very crucial and plays a big role as a support or an obstacle in our life. The energetic cleaning and care of the places we live and work in, should be a concern at least as important as the physical cleaning.

Each space has its own energy field and is like a living soul. Whether or not we are aware of it, we are in communication with the spaces around us and directly affected by their energies.

Each room in our home is a mirror of our soul and our inner life. There is a continuous exchange of energy between our being and our home. An object that is misplaced, an item that we are not aware of, color and elemental imbalances can create blockages in the natural energy flow at our homes.

The energies of the negative events have an affect on the auric field and the physical structure of the space, penetrate into the walls, furniture and accessories. These kinds of situations can even create some important blockages in our lives…

The environment and energy fields that are creating mental confusions ; can significantly decrease the working potential, creativity, and productivity.

Continuously repeating stress, negative thoughts and mood swings can create areas of negative energies to be cleaned.

When there are more than one element causing blockages in a room, in a house or in a working place; this situation creates stronger obstacles and difficulties, can delay the solution of the problems and can seriously affect the natural flow of our lives.

When the energetic blockages resolved and the energy balance is created inside a space;

  • The energy becomes fluid.
  • The energy level increases.
  • Many congestion in our lives begin to resolve and be cleaned.
  • We open ourselves to a more balanced, abundant, healthy and peaceful life and to the innovations.
  • Our process of change and development enhances and accelerates.
  • Energetic cleansing supports peace and harmony in all of our relationships.
  • We feel safe and secure in our place.
  • Provides an environment to sleep restfully.
  • Inspires and supports us and our professional/creative projects.
  • The place becomes more joyful and sharing with family and friends increases.
  • Supports improvement in all areas of your life.

Each space created without energetic awareness needs to be checked and reviewed.

Energetic and Psychic Cleansing ; can be applied to home, office, school, hotel, building, factory, business areas and to all kinds of places we live and spend time.

Symptoms of the need for Energetic Cleansing of your Space

  • Negative energy circulation in the room ; continuously repeating strife and debates
  • Feeling of gloom, irritability and malaise when you enter the room
  • Decrease in the energy as entering the space
  • Continuously remembering the past, and mental confusion within the place
  • Depression, lethargy, apathy, pessimism, anger, agitation/short tempers, restlessness
  • Sleep Problems
  • Prosperity and abundance blockages
  • When moving to a new house or office
  • When someone leaves the place permanently
  • Effect of low vibrational music and television broadcasts
  • Consumption of cigarettes and other substances in a place
  • Frequent diseases
  • After severe illness and death
  • The presence of clutter ; excessive stuff
  • Burglaries and violations
  • Neglecting to do house cleaning      and maintenance
  • Blockages in a particular      subject continuously
  • Concentration problems
  • When buying second hand furniture and stuff
  • When the need arises for a fresh start

 Our place is a reflection of our consciousness, sub consciousness, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical states.

During the Energetic and Psychic Cleansing of the Spaces session ; by the awareness of the clues that the place provides us ; a person can realize her/himself in a way that has never been before and connect with his/her inner world more deeply than ever.

This new awareness is a beginning of deep healing and insights.

D. D. Beyo