A journey in a new dimension in Holistic Healthcare

Although you have surely read or, heard about it, probably research about it, but have you actually ever experienced it!

Man is a complex being, healing often appears complicated. When even those trained in modern medicine cannot fully comprehend how a human beings bends his fingers, how can they understand how the body actually heals itself? The body provided with precisely right vibration can heal itself and the physical body. It is simple and highly effective because it uses the body’s own wisdom beyond the conscious mind, within the subconscious. And precision is the secret. It is the exact amount of energy that is needed, no more nor less, in the right place, at the right time, and in the appropriate manner that get the results.

By matching corresponding wavelengths to the organs and systems of the body, it strengthens or sedates energy in the distressed areas, creating a support system for the healing process.

This is this the most complete Body/Mind/Spirit healing system for the Golden Age. It is the Cutting edge of holistic healthcare. Look no further than the Bio-Institute of Light and Sound