Should we buy doTERRA or Youngiving for Therapeutic Essentail oils

Youngliving or doTERRA for pure therapeutic essential oils



Dear Leader,

I am sending the attached document to all Silver’s and above within my organization and all Young Living Diamonds, for distribution among your organizations as you feel appropriate.

On the recent Young Living Alaska Cruise, Gary Young met with the Diamonds on the cruise and discussed the synthetic ingredients found in certain named products contained within the doTERRA essential oils.

He demonstrated our Young Living Peppermint and the Young Living’s Wintergreen essential oils for us to smell and then passed the doTERRA oils around for us to smell likewise. Gary educated us further by explaining the ingredients and compound found in the doTERRA oils that produced the sweet smelling man-made synthetic, ethyl vanillin, in both liquid and powder form.

Many of you are aware of the pending lawsuit Young Living has filed in federal court alleging false advertising. It occurred to me that while many of us have heard the oils are sweet smelling and knowingly knew they were not pure as advertised or claimed, we may not know what ingredient or ingredients were responsible for the “sweet smelling” doTERRA oils.

Thus, I chose to create the attached document which list the exact products named in the lawsuit and the doTERRA ingredients as taken from the doTERRA website and printed literature. The laboratory results are filed exhibits within the complaint to the courts from the independent laboratory.

This document was created for the sole benefit to bring clarity, simplicity and educate the Young Living member of the differences between the Young Living Essential Oils and the doTERRA essential oils and/or their products.

It is with gratitude and appreciation for each of you whom I share this, as you unselfishly continue to share the Young Living Essential products with others. Together, we make a difference within our personal lives, the lives of others, our communities and our environment; while we continue to be blessed, as others have been blessed by our sharing.

With warmest regards,

Jeanmarie Hepworth


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