Raising you Vibration with Colors, Re-harmonizing your Vibration pattern with Sound and Using Essentail oils to Perfect your Nutrition

Raising your vibration with colors

Colour has a profound effect on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states,and we do not use colored plastic, gel, tainted glass, or LED (poison to the body).

Colour is light made up of different wave lengths and frequencies. The seven colours of the spectrum (based on the musical octave) all have different wavelengths and frequencies. Purple, at the top end, has a higher frequency and a shorter wavelength. Red has a lower frequency and a longer wavelength.

Ther are main energy centers (chakras) of the human body which resonate with the seven rainbow colours. Chakras means”wheel” in Sanskrit; chakras are like spirals of energy.The seven chakras govern the seven ductless glands in the body’s endocrine system.The endocrine glands, in turn, regulate all of the body’s functions including the process of aging.

It is vital to understand that the chakra fields are contained WITHIN each other. Each field has its own frequency and purple resonates most strongly with the human heart. In a healthy body each of these chakras revolve at the same great speed allowing pranic energy to flow upward through the endocrine system. Your consciousness is beyond any physical presence.
Colour therefore is the visual component of vibration, or sound. Purple is the royal colour which corresponds to 23.11 cycles per second, or the note Gb (F#).
This is the reason most Earth bound priest use purple as their most holy colour; they are reflecting the sacred vibration of the divine realms, the space/time orders which protect and sustain all higher knowledge.

Color Harmonics frequency (Light)

Sacred Geometry forms and Sound frequency

Color Harmonic is frequency. Because our body is holographic in nature it needs to be addressed with Sacred Geometry and Sound is energy and frequency

This therapy targets the cellular level. It re-balances, detoxes, rejuvenates and regenerates. Cleanses the blood and the DNA. The immune system is then reorganized.

The Effects of Sound

Sound has also an important role to play

Emotions is vibration, Feeling is vibration. When thoughts, emotions and stress causes disharmonized vibration state our body  become sick.

We are holding a vibratory pattern in our liquid body

In the beginning were the word, the word is Sound and it is Sound that turn matter and energy into form. Every organ in our body resonate to a certain frequency.

What you give out is what you create and we think ourselves into illness.

We are in a world run by unbelievable sick people.


Sound and music can have a profound effect on our health, and well being, not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally as well. Light & Sound frequency Sessions will detox and address imbalances at cellular level by cleaning your aura and retuning your chakras. The reconnection will activate your pineal gland, the 2 parts of your brain, get more DNA…


Healing with essential oils:

Essential oils are also a form of alternative medicine.                                                                                                          Essential oils are the world’s original form of medicine, used effectively by the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans… and found in the Bible, too. They have a unique molecular structure, allowing them to work powerfully against a wide range of health problems. They are antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal, enabling them to function as excellent alternatives to prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Essential oils are entirely natural and safe when you use our young living quality, therapeutic-grade product. Essential oils are ideal as natural air purifiers and nontoxic household cleaners and are uplifting, and a natural way to elevate your mood. One of the most significant and compelling figures in natural health today is Dr. Gary Young Founder and CEO of the Young Living essential oil. Essential oils can be used with people of all ages, from children to the elderly, and they are enjoyed by all. With the growing concern of the prevalence of the flu epidemic by our clientele we have founded necessary to be more proactive in protecting ourselves. Essential oils have proven to be very effective and shielding us from harmful bacteria and viruses. Prevention is the Key. To find out more visit our website and take a look ate our wonderful Therapeutic limited edition jewelries.

The purpose of the Institute of Light and Sound:


Awakening new frequencies within One’s being and for humanity to Embrace the Light and Sound of creation to expand consciousness. And to defragment old programming and to replace it with the Light and Sound frequencies of the new Divine plan. Space, will then, be created to incorporate new harmonies in the body of the Human and through this, healing on all planes will occur

Health in the New Era & beyond

 Our treatments approach encompasses the re-harmonizing and re-balancing of the energetic body of light allowing us to reach our highest potential as being of Light. Reconnection to the Quantum matrix is essential to achieve unity of Body,Mind and Soul. Our ultimate goal is to be aligned with the new era. Where disease is non-existent.

Using the current technology available to us at this time by means of biofeedback cutting edge technnology,we are able to observe that with the new era our bodies needs have changed completely requiring higher frequency supplements like Essential Oils in combination with Light and Sound. Therapy frequency, for our carbon used form.

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VIE is the founder and owner of the institute and a Gifted Healer. She is an author of  several books on the subjects and the creator of a CD “frequency of Sound” imprinted, through her voice, with the language of the Light.  Books, CD, Therapeutic jewelries and Reconnective Light beads, are available for purchase on our website: instituteoflightandsound.com