The Most Complete and Effective Therapy in Alternative and Holistic Medicine

Our planet didn’t flip over on its axis, nor was it nudged into even a slight wobble during the historical planetary alignment. However, a personal revelation did occur. A gateway swung open after numerous nightly ashes of light. It was more than an optical illusion.

There must be order in chaos or the whole universe would collapse into itself. Everything that occurs inside emits a color frequency by-product on the outside, as seen in the aura.

Our life patterns may only be holographic reflections from another dimension of ourselves, where thought forms are transposed from somewhere above. Most of us have no conscious knowledge of the “other” side. We are energetic beings of Light!

If you look at Vitamin D production, Vitamin D is an hidden hormone it is not actually a vitamin, as vitamins are only available from dietary sources. Hormone D is produced in your intestinal tract and it’s a homegrown precious resource that can’t be shared. It’s the most potent alternative steroid you’ll ever have. Like all steroid hormones, it stands out from the rest, as it creates hundreds of enzymes and proteins all of which are crucial for preserving health and prevent inflammatory effects, while it bolsters the immune system. In fact, it has the ability to interact with thousands of genes in the body. Its deficiency may be the culprit to many physical and emotional disturbances, and application of Light can potentially stimulate Vitamin D production.

Acupuncture points,also called meridians points, are like tiny chakras, small computer-like chips of information that somehow directly influence the 100,000 or more chemical actions of each cell, every second. Multiply that by trillions of cells and you have a huge symbiotic efficient system. These points corresponds to organs and each organ corresponds to a specific color. When one or more are lacking of color symptoms appear and application of Spectra-Light becomes now necessary.

Mathematical Mind (Sacred Geometry). All light intelligence and geometric “relationships” on Earth are created by the crystallization of light photons. These structures and building blocks hold our worlds together and can be activated through the application of specific color vibration and form. The patterns they create reside in the individual and collective mind, which are stored in the field around you, the etheric field, and when activated by healing Light will respond.

The gateway opened and this is why many people are looking for an alternative in medicine. Light and Sound is the solution as it is the most complete therapy in one. Sound will erase and transform all blockages and Bio-Light Qi addresses the source of all disease. It connects you also with your life purpose, transforms the DNA, enhances vibration and nullifies negative energy and, Bio-LIght Qi restores the proper flow of Qi using the Qi-points. This combination of Light and Sound Qi energy is a true holistic approach because this is the essence of your being. It is a fusion of Light acupuncture, energy and Spiritual connection, the reconnection to your guardian Angels and your higher-self. It is Body,Mind and Spirit all together in one alternative and holistic medicine.

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