A Wake up call to humanity!

You have been disconnected and therefore, it is chaos everywhere. You are under manipulation by the wrong energies.


The Light was lost

As a result, the power of immortality was lost. The bond was broken and a separation had taken place. This is the meaning of the breaking of the lost tablets of the 10 commandments. The 10 commandments signify the bonding of all 10 dimensions. (You must be reconnected now)


There is no real Atom

Atoms are mirror, atoms are consciousness. They are mirror of our consciousness. Each atom in our body functions in unison, with our consciousness and behavior, and do not forget that we create with our thoughts.


The origin of disease

Our consciousness, expressed through our behavior and actions, determines the quality strength of the bonds in every atom in our beings, selfish, egocentric consciousness undetermined the bonds, disrupts the healthy recycling of atoms in our body, and makes us vulnerable to the environment influences of illness and aging.


This is why we are here to offer you our service of “Bio-Light Qi energy, TM’ and our     ” Reconnective Light Beads” that are higher evolutionary tools, and both will help you get  back to the Light.


Wake up! Now is the time, stop the chaos of the planet, be reconnected now instead of being manipulated. Claim your reconnection to the Light. Dr. VIE