The importance to resonate to a certain frequency to manifest your desire

You have to put your thoughts into radical action. You must resonate at the right frequency.


If you say to the Universe “ I want” you are sending the signal to the Universe that you don’t have what you desire. Therefore you will always remain in lack.


When you chase happiness, you become excessively concerned about yourself… When you start thinking about finding your desire you make it an obsessional thing. But you never find that thing.


If you say ” I already have” then you embody. Because we become what we think.


Our true essence is resonating to a certain frequency. You are resonating at a certain frequency and all the things that are resonating at this same frequency are trying to get to you. Our belief are keeping them away when we are in a low frequency with stuck emotions. The things we need are always attempting to come to us but we push them away. To get there you must get read of your anger, fears and all negative emotions and have your frequency raised.


Sound is important, sound frequency is magical! This is the law of attraction.


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