And the truth will set you free! The answer to who you are is… and if you care and want to be part of the ascending people read this.

Re-connective Light Beads” is a higher custom made, personalized and evolutionary tool used to raise vibration, keep you reconnected to the heart-center. It has a perimeter of… feet reach that you absolutely need to have and wear in this specific time of the ascension of the Planet if you care and want to be part of the ascending people. All the “Reconnective Light Beads”contain the blessing of Mother Mary. Mother Mary is the code transmissions, activations, attunement and blessings in the Mysticism and Reunion with our I am Presence. Your Higher-self. She is the crown of Love and Light. As she whispers words of wisdom, she teaches to let it be and there shall be Peace with all.

Now is the victory of the light. Remember who you are! Access your true self. We are space animated energy, we are encoded color, we are all here as expression of “Oneness”. Realize that the answer to who you are is in yourself.


Here is what you can expect from our “Reconnective Light Beads” :As a Spirit medium and clairvoyantly gifted man, as well as a professional.I found the specifically made “Reconnective Light Beads” of the Bio-institute of Light and Sound, extremely helpful in opening my Energy gifts…The Gifts opened thrice fold after I started to use the Light Beads and I was completely honest with my own intentions and thoughts. Truth works with these beads like one could not believe… James Roger Wilkinson


And the truth will set you free!


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