If the skeptical would accept what's right in front of their face.

Healing Fears is so simple.

The healing power that lets us rid ourselves of old emotional and spiritual scars at the root of current and as yet undiagnosed future problems. The use of colour as a vibrational therapy goes back many centuries.

Yes! the Atlantians have used light and colour not only to treat physical diseases but to heal relationships, to assist in childbirth and to assist the dying in their transition from earthly to spiritual life. They built circular temples with a domed roof constructed from interlocking crystals. These crystals refracted the sunlight, filling the temple with spectral colours. Around the circumference of the temple were individual healing rooms which resonated to the required colour frequencies. Archaeologists have discovered that the Egyptian healing temples were similarly constructed. In ancient Egypt they used colour in healing and it was attributed to Thoth, patron god of physicians and scribes.

Did you know that by simply receiving a few Light treatments of two adequate colors to one meridian point during a very specific short time exposure of “crystalline Color Light”, not LED or glass, will treat fears rapidly. Wether the fears are Vague or identified, diffused or violent, going from fear to panic, you will regain your ability to reason. Symptoms will little by little be erased and demystified. The same color light treatment can be applied in case of lack of attention, concentration difficulty and weakness of discernment.

I will help you regain good health, consciousness, become Spiritually Self centered Heart centeredand become aligned with your blue print, when you receive my light treatments. VIE