Here is the secret to live in oneness

Most people believe there is a purpose to be alive on this Earth right now. Many people understand that most of us have lived lives here previously through the reincarnation of our souls. Some people seem not to believe in anything except keeping their focus on just learning how to survive here. The proof of our soul’s existence beyond these physical human bodies is everywhere around us. If our eyes are open enough we see, feel and hear spirit’s presence reaching out to heal and sustain us as we journey through.The tests and trials of human life in the last hundred years have brought us fantastic discoveries about ourselves as humans and spiritual beings. We have seen success in the changes we’ve made as to how we think, perceive and rationalize the Universe around us and our role in it. The bigger picture is coming into focus with more speed and validation than we can keep up with. People are seeing things they have never seen. Knowing things they have no idea they knew. Dreaming things that come true and feeling spiritual energy that they cannot see. More than ever before we are all seeking help to understand a part of us that was never so wide open before. The old ways are falling short of this life’s journey. We are seeking new and better practices to connect and keep up with the spiritual evolution presently underway.
Our new and higher self-understanding makes it possible for us to regain command over our lives, so we need never have to obey those dark inner voices again.As you step upon the path of Self-Realization, you awaken to the grander context of reality. You experience the beginnings of an infinite, never to arrive at any destination.Until the adjustment moves from the head to the heart, because you have been disconnected, you continue to attempt to recreate Holy and better than by tossing fellow aspirants positive energy, Light, and holding the space. Suddenly, it’s all about joining or creating community, meeting for meditation and other communal activities to alleviate the temporary sensation of isolation that envelopes you as the rest of the world continues to sleep-walk away the hours, their mundane activities suddenly seeming pointless and outrageously self-serving.We think of oneness as an abstract concept or a goal to be achieved sometime down the road. But Oneness is a state of being our hearts long for. It is a spiritual aspiration of unity many of us know about with our intellect and pray for as a future condition. It is a way to experience life that would be wonderful, someday….What if oneness were more than a far-off destination? What if you all were able to live in oneness right here, right now? Might you awaken to that ever-evolving state of one becoming all becoming one? You can through…Oneness sounds like a lofty metaphysical state of being–a Holy Grail of consciousness and awakening. Indeed, the realization of oneness underlies spiritual traditions globally. On our journeys of personal evolution, these glimpses of oneness whack the kaleidoscopes of our lives to a new perspective. This forever changes our experience.                                             Here is the Key to live in oneness.
Light language and Sound frequency healing sessions with the Bio-Institute of Light and Sound.
We are time travelers and we are the Key holders.