Books is available now…

The Bio-institute of Light and Sound is proud to announce that the Book :
“9.1.1. Complete Guide in Natural Healing” is now available for a very reasonnable price and ready to be downloaded.
You will find important withheld informations to the public that you need to know concerning your health.
You will learn how to prepare your body for the shift of Energy and way beyond the Ascension.
You will understand why you need to detoxify your body,and how to etc.

The Bio-institute Light and Sound Therapies awaken new frequencies in your body and you need it.
Now is the time!
Our therapies are an alternative to drugs. Light energy is used to repair and enhance the body’s inherent capacity to heal itself at cellular level (at the root)
May be you are stuck with emotions, and maybe you want your energy to be raised, or maybe you want your blood to be cleaned and your DNA to be reconnected!
If you are new to this 21st Century Medicine, and you are searching for an alternative way to drugs and their side effects, then take a look at our short videos on our website.