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VIE de Rouvray Honored as a Visionary in the Holistic Health Industry

Ms. de Rouvray pioneers Bio-Qi therapy into holistic health to help those in need

ORLANDO, FL, VIE de Rouvray, Visionary Healer, Writer and Musician with the Bio Institute of Light and Sound Therapy, was recently named a VIP member of Worldwide Branding. This special distinction honors individuals who have shown exceptional commitment to achieving personal and professional success.

Born of the French aristocracy on the island of Caledonia located between Australia and New Zealand, Ms. de Rouvray opened the Bio Institute of Light and Sound Therapy in 2001 as a healing organization focused on mind, body, and spirit health. Ms. de Rouvray has spent the last 10 years helping her clients with her impressive skills in the areas of writing, holistic healing, music, and singing. A visionary and an Aquarius, she heals people metaphysically, and often demonstrates light and sound therapy to others.

The Bio Institute offers an exclusive, novel form of therapy in the holistic healthcare industry, called Bio-Qi therapy. Essentially, Bio-Qi therapy combines bio-light waves and light acupuncture in order to balance the body’s natural processes, boost the immune system to aid in self-healing, and raise energy levels, all without the use of pharmaceutical drugs. The institute also forgoes the use of drugs in biostimulation – a tested form of therapy that seeks to enhance the body’s inherent ability to repair itself, and ward off the effects of harmful substances while also maintaining a healthy metabolism. This is achieved through the use of light therapy, which increases blood circulation, diffuses inflammation, relieves pain, and stimulates cellular activity and growth. As a testament to the success of their healing procedures, the Bio Institute has won the alternative medicine Hall of Fame award in Orlando.

Prior to opening the Bio Institute, Ms. de Rouvray began her healing mission after a dramatic shift in consciousness in January of 1987, which resulted in a complete lifestyle change. Shortly after this revelation, she was reunited with her colleague, who was wheelchair-bound and needed her help. Unfortunately, this colleague was on prescription drugs, hungry, blind and in a constant foggy state of mind. Ms. de Rouvray stopped working for four months so that she could focus on nursing her friend back to health. He didn’t have money and he couldn’t drink or eat on his own, so she nourished him, took care of him and helped him detox from his medications in spite of the fact that she could only communicate with him during a few moments of clarity throughout each day. Although caring for him was controversial to people who did not approve, Ms. de Rouvray never gave up. She later realized that this was the first step on her mission to help heal others.

Ms. de Rouvray has authored several books, “9.1.1. Complete Guide in Natural Healing,” a guide to help readers achieve optimal health through holistic methods; “Destiny of the doG,” a fantasy thriller about an angel’s fascinating journey through time, and “Time is Ticking-The Fifth Amendment,” the second volume to “Destiny of the doG.” and now soon to come “ Karma through the window of time” Ms. de Rouvray also recorded and produced The Frequency of Sound, a healing CD comprised of the language of light on a sonic vibration. The CD was recorded at Masterlab Studio with the cooperation of Trace. Another one with CHADD ” Planet Abundancia” that was recorded at PlugIn tunes studio with Orlando Calzada.All of these products can be purchased at the Bio Institute of Light and Sound.