Unlatch the door to Growth, Harmony, and Joy beyond expectation

You are invited to an alternative to drugs for medicine. The most powerful medicine in the world exists in your DNA. That is where the name of God is written. Everything God has created is out of Love energy.
Love is the answer.
Perfect health is the restoration of the person to WHOLENESS. In essence restorative health is the release of removal of block and interference that keep us separated from the perfection of the Universe and the Divine Love. Anger, stress, fear (that is a spirit), depression, unforgiveness, lack of compassion, lack of Love, toxicity, lack of proper nutrients and no connection to the higher-self keeps you in misery and unhealthy.
Health restoration is about evolution and it includes the evolutionary restructuring of DNA with the Reconnection to the Universe in a new level. To your heart (chakra) center and energy of Love. The link to the Divine.
To assist is actualizing your higher purpose and your greatest calling in the embodiment. You are invited to exercise your mastery by choosing to bring God’s Love and Light in all your thoughts, senses and actions.
Your body, your mind and your spirit together restoring God’s loving consciousness.
Unlatch the door to your Growth, health harmony and joy beyond your expectation.
During this incomparable experience you will gain absolute clarity of mind and you will discover your purpose and destiny by awakening to your higher-self instantly and permanently. VIE is a French/ American intuitive healer, (author & musician) she has a different energy that enable her to reconnect you to the Divine. For more contact us at the Bio-Instituteoflightand Sound.com