Beware of Mind Control, Mind Manipulation and Holograms

Voices can be transmitted to a person’s head via very high-frequency devices. Also visions may be holograms.

During a period of over 26 years, the self elected in key places governing this planet, have classified, attacked and put on limitation human beings to be able to control you, your mind and your capabilities. Keeping you in sickness, lies, slavery and poverty.

Modern psychology is the study of behavior of the mind, but the role it plays is in mass producing obedient sheeple. 78 millions Americans are taking psychiatric pharmaceutical drugs, which is about 25% of the U.S. Population, while alternatives are systematically crushed by laws to create a big pharma oligopoly. So beware of mind control. They are keeping you in an illusional world, holographic world.

Your way out is: Divine Reconnection, Oneness and DNA reconnection. It will take care of the Body, the mind and the spirit.

(But don’t be fool, No technology, acupuncture, Reiki, hypnotherapy…herbs or elixir can replace it. It takes someone chosen that has received the authority and the spiritual knowledge and ability to do so only) VIE