Your Purpose and Your Destiny to Find is your Choice

Your Purpose and Your Destiny to Find is your Choice
It is time for you to get rid of emotions, depression, stress, fear, sadness and find why you are here. It is time for you to discover you purpose and destiny in this life.
Fear creates fear, like Love breeds love. One cancels the other, Which will you choose? It’s simply a choice.
To develop love, start by ignoring the fears that face the rest of the world and don’t let those emotions bring you down anymore. That’s what they’re designed to do. If you let them bring you down, they will disempower you. Instead, focus on what will make a difference within yourself. You can change that which is within yourself. Then, paradoxically, you will also effect positive change in the world because you are part of the global mind consciousness.The way you feel affects every other human upon the planet.
Spiritual awareness enhances the natural flow of the universal consciousness called love. By finding your life purpose and developing your inner spiritual connection you’ll attract and transmit more pure, unconditional love and all things will be added to you because of this.
You’ll grow in your professional or recreational activities as you become align with your destiny, and you become more creative and, therefore, of more help to anyone to whom you provide a service.
Because higher frequencies of thought and feeling have much more power than lower frequency ones, the unconditional love that you can generate by being aligned to your purpose here has a far more influence upon humanity than everyday thoughts and feelings.
Find what you are here for, choose the development of love, and you will be changing the world. At the end of the day, the one thing that really counts is the amount of spiritual growth that you have achieved.
Make it your number one priority to grow and find your purpose and destiny only “Bio-Qi Therapytm” will get you there. VIE