The New Elected President and A Prayer for Preparation by Saint Germain

The time we are living is called the age of destruction. The age of darkness, when moral and mental capacities reach their lowest point in the called yuga cycle. A period  when the world seal is black in hue. We are now in the last and darkest age. America just elected a “moy” for leader. He is a boy in an old man’s body. Moy are a combination of man and boy. Evil rises to surface to be destroyed and this dark age takes place just before the Golden Age. (In my book Time is ticking; The Fifth Amendment I talk about the Golden age that is at reach)  What you see in the young energy that is out of balance and creating destruction all over the planet. Americans  just elected a boy to be its next President and so did Russia, Syria, Philippines, Africa is also overrun by them and several other countries. and it is creating havoc in this area of this continent. Because of what is happening human beings must learn to cope with this energy. You cannot reason with it because it’s destructive. You must hold steady within yourself and observe its wild behavior from a position of power. By doing that, it will be able to freedom you and it will not be able to do as must damage as it would otherwise. Call on the net of Light and hold sacred space. You are asked at this time to reach out to one another in service. Many are suffering, feed the hungry, visit people in hospitals and prisons, provide shoes when it’s needed, help animals. Plunging in activity of this service together will do great good, turning many heart to light. Send love to the person a moment ago you judged of undeserving love. Hug your new elected president by sending him love. He is just an instrument of this cycle. The flow of Divine Love through his person can create an expansion in perception.

A prayer For Preparation by Saint Germain

” I am the transformation I wish to be in my world”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ” I am the transformation I wish to see in the world”

Saint Germain invite you now to repeat these two affirmations to yourself aloud or silently until you feel, sense or acknowledge their energy activating from within your being until you feel your energy embody them. You are invited to use the process of repeating these affirmations as a tool of contemplation and self- observation, encouraging yourself with great love and compassion to understand the meaning of these two affirmations at a mental level. You will then, create withing your being a beautiful state of enlightenment to be revealed as well as awakening transformation within your being which may be beyond understanding. Transformation creates freedom within your being, freedom is to exist in alignment with the Creator as a reflection of the Creator, letting go of all limitations as they arise the process can be blissful.


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