Vaccines and Autism

CDC Suppresses Evidence Connecting Vaccines to Autism

Editor | Nov 17, 2016


Few topics are more hotly contested than vaccines.

A growing body of evidence suggests that vaccines are contaminated with heavy metals, linked with developmental conditions like autism, and not even very effective to boot. And because long-term mercury exposure has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease,[1] many experts even fear that vaccination could be to blame for our rising epidemic of cognitive degeneration.

A growing body of evidence suggests that vaccines are contaminated with heavy metals

Nevertheless, the mainstream continues to rail against “anti-vaxxers” mercilessly, using mudslinging and suppression tactics to distract from factual evidence.

One particularly compelling piece of evidence that’s recently hit the scene is the eyewitness account of Dr. William Thompson, a long-standing member of the CDC Vaccine Safety Branch who has a frightening story to tell. Dr. Thompson has worked at the CDC for nineteen years, part of that time as a senior vaccine safety scientist at their Immunology Safety Office, so he’s clearly a credible source.

He began speaking out against the CDC in 2014, and shortly thereafter received Federal Whistleblower Protection.

According to Dr. Thompsom, the CDC ordered him and his colleagues to perform actions tantamount to covering up the connection between autism and the MMR (mumps, measles, and rubella) vaccine. They were forced to commit scientific fraud, manipulate study data, and even destroy incriminating evidence.

This would explain why independent research demonstrates a clear connection between vaccines and autism in children, while mainstream studies reveal no connection—because the mainstream is citing falsified studies.

You’d think that this information would be the nail in the coffin for those who deny the deleterious effects of the MMR vaccine, but the vaccine industry (and their cronies in the CDC) aren’t going to give up that easily.

The suppression continues

Attorneys Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Bryan Smith are currently representing a 16-year-old autistic boy who claims his condition was caused by vaccines, and thus is seeking compensation from the vaccine industry. Despite the existence of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, thousands of autistic children (including this 16-year-old) have lost their cases.

Robert F. Kenndy Jr. and Bryan Smith believe that the court’s ability to deny compensation rests on the CDC’s insistence that their “studies” demonstrate no connection between vaccines and autism. Needless to say, Dr. Thompson’s eyewitness testimonial could bring down this entire deceptive house of cards.

But the CDC Director Thomas Frieden is now attempting to block Dr. Thompson from testifying, with the claim that Dr. Thompson testimony wouldn’t properly represent the objectives of the CDC.

Ironically, Thomas Frieden’s claim actually seems right on the money—since it seems that the CDC’s “objectives” have more to do with supporting corporate interests (by whatever fraudulent means necessary) than supporting public health. Dr. Thompson, on the other hand, is committed to revealing the deceptions of the CDC, so that the public can finally know the unfortunate truth about vaccines and their side effects.

The undermining of his credentials is clearly misfounded. In case his close to twenty years of expertise wasn’t enough to make this clear, Robert F. Kennedy is also pointing out to the court that Dr. Thompson authored four seminal papers on vaccine safety throughout his career.

Dr. Thompson’s testimony would be a huge step forward. Right now, despite his impressive credentials, he can be written off as just another anti-vaxxer kook—just one alternative thinker against the infallible authority of the medical establishment.

If he’s allowed to testify, the information he’s reporting would become real, legitimized by the ruling of the judicial system. The public would have to face not only the truth about vaccines, but also the campaign of deception that’s been carried out by vaccine companies and the CDC (the organization that’s supposed to protecting us).

And there’s something even more important at stake too: the $1 trillion in compensation that’s been denied to autistic children and their families.

Cover-ups and disinformation campaigns like this usually get chalked up to conspiracy theories, but this time even a skeptic can see the motives at work. Releasing any study data suggesting a connection between autism and vaccination would essentially cost vaccine companies and the government (who set up the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program) a trillion dollars—so instead of taking responsibility (and discontinuing harmful programs of vaccination), they simply twisted the data to fit their agenda.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Bryan Smith are committed to appealing Dr. Thompson’s blocked testimony, and have pledged to do all they can to push forward this momentous case.

If they succeed in their appeal, Dr. Thompson’s testimony could very well change the way our country views vaccination. At the very least, one 16-year-old autistic boy in Tennessee will receive the compensation he deserves after being poisoned by vaccine manufacturers. His success could then open the way for the thousands of children denied compensation in the past to seek recourse at last.